Don’t Waste Time and Money on Studio Rentals, A WhisperRoom™ Recording Booth Is The Solution

WhisperRoom, Inc.™ hears from clients everyday that have regretfully spent an exorbitant amount of time and money on studio space rental for recording sessions. Your investment in a WhisperRoom™ recording booth means that you no longer have to rent studio space or waste valuable time in transit.

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Transform Our Iso Booth into a Mobile Recording Booth

Whether you are setting up a home recording studio or need a recording booth for a professional studio, WhisperRoom™ has a prefabricated recording studio waiting for you. And if your application needs require that your recording booth be mobile, the Caster Plates (optional feature) transforms iso booths into mobile recording booths.

Acoustic Noise Reduction

Depending on the ambient noise you want to eliminate from your recordings, WhisperRoom™ recording and audio booths offer Standard (Single-Wall) models or our Enhanced (Double-Wall) models. Our Standard model recording booth will reduce acoustic noise by about 50% (within mid-range frequencies) and the Enhanced model reduces acoustic noise by about 75% within those same mid-range frequencies.

Do You Require More Sound Isolation from your Recording Booth?

If you require more sound isolation, the flexibility of WhisperRoom™ iso booths allows you to upgrade from a Standard to an Enhanced at anytime by installing the Isolation Enhancement Package (IEP). The Auralex® acoustic studio foam sheets that we supply with each model attach to the interior walls with Velcro®, so you can add or remove foam sheets in order to customize the interior to suit specific recording and audio needs. We also offer a Ventilation Silencing System (VSS) which eliminates airflow noise that could be picked up during recording sessions. For instrumental tones which may create standing waves, we offer a Soundwave Deflection System which eliminates standing waves in the room.

Optional Features to Consider:Ventilation Silencing System (VSS), Caster Plate (CP), Wall Windows, Soundwave Deflection System (SDS).

What Our Clients Think of WhisperRoom™ Recording Booths

  • Christopher Sabat

    Okratron 5000 (ADR)

    Richardson, TX

    MDL 4872E

    "The WhisperRoom™ works perfectly and fit in the space like a glove. We've recorded over 50 episodes of dubbed cartoons in it and it's still going strong."

  • Tom Curley

    Current TV

    Hollywood, CA

    MDL 4242S

    "My name is Tom Curley. I am the Los Angeles Audio Engineer for Current TV. We have been operating in a stage in Hollywood since our launch, August 1st, 2005. Since then, our company has grown not only in size, and exposure, but in the amount of work we had to do. For a long time, we had our hosts doing VO work on our set, using the lavalieres they use on the air. This was okay, but nowhere near a real VO booth. The company's start-up status had us in a pinch. We couldn't afford to hire a contractor to build a full on VO room, and even if we did, we didn't have the space! This is where your WhisperRoom™ came in and saved the day. We found a very small corner of our stage where we could fit the WhisperRoom™. The construction was complete in a couple of days, and that was working around us taping all day. The room sounds great, and we use it frequently. It's very convenient to take our talent from stage, and bring them around a corner and right into the booth. We have also been using it to simultaneously roll VO, and shoot talent on our stage, so our productivity has gone up as well. Thank you for making a smart and effective product! "

  • Amzi Jackson

    Untitled Entertainment Group

    Richmond, VA

    MDL 4872S

    "The WhisperRoom™ is GREAT!!! I love it and have received many compliments on the look of it and the sound I get out of it. It looks very clean and professional and really isolates the artist. It was a very good investment. We assembled the booth without any problems. The instructions were very detailed and we had it together in no time. Overall, the WhisperRoom™ is a great addition to my studio and is working perfectly. Thanks for all of your help."

For questions about any of our models, we invite you to read more in our FAQ, contact us at 800.200.8168 or email us at info@whisperroom.com.