Utilize WhisperRoom™ Voice Over Booths from the Convenience of your Own Home

Voice over and voice acting is a growing industry and with the convenience of ISDN upload many voice acting talents are able to utilize WhisperRooms as voice over booths, vocal recording booths or translation booths from the convenience of their own homes, offices, apartments or production studios.

Major television production studios, such as Pixar, MTV and Walt Disney Productions, to name a few, have purchased WhisperRoom™ booths for voice over applications in their studios.


David Tyler's "Putting the Whisper in WhisperRoom" - Great video showing WhisperRoom's ability to block out ambient noise in order to produce quality recordings!

lynda.com article about WhisperRoom!

Transforms into a Portable Voice Over Booth

WhisperRoom™ offers an optional Wide-Access Door which allows voice over, recording and translation equipment to be easily set up within the interior. Each voice over booth that we manufacture can be assembled and disassembled easily.

Our Voice Over Booths Reduce Sound to a Whisper

Depending on the ambient noise you want to eliminate from your recordings, WhisperRoom™ offers the Standard (Single-Wall) model or our Enhanced (Double-Wall) model. Our Standard model will reduce ambient noise by about 50% (within mid-range frequencies) and the Enhanced model cuts ambient noise by about 75% within those same mid-range frequencies.

The Auralex™ acoustic foam that we supply with each model attaches to the interior walls with Velcro™, so you can add or remove foam sheets in order to customize the interior to suit specific voice over, vocal or recording needs. For recording sessions that are long and require uninterrupted and utter quiet, i.e., books on tape recordings, language translation recordings, song track recordings, etc., we offer the optional Ventilation Silencing System (VSS).

What Our Clients Think of WhisperRoom™ (Portable) Voice Over Booths

  • Jimmy Hodson

    Voice Over Artist

    Laguna Beach, CA

    MDL 4260E

    "As a voiceover actor, the WhisperRoom has been fantastic. It's solved many problems and the fact that I can disassemble the booth and move it to our next house is very attractive and cost effective. In my old home recording studio, I spent way more money for permanent soundproofing that was woefully inadequate. I could hear every car drive by and couldn't record without interruption from airplane noise outside or conversations elsewhere in the house. Now, I hear none of that through the WhisperRoom walls and am delighted that I can keep working and not disturb my family if I have to record a loud voiceover late at night as well. Assembly of the WhisperRoom was actually fun and easy, and even though it took 8 to 12 hours, it was weeks and weeks faster than building something that would be inferior. My WhisperRoom arrived rather quickly too, and the whole process was a snap and tax-deductible money well spent. Now I will have a consistent sound wherever I live and assured soundproofing no matter what. I no longer have to yell at the kids, "Daddy's recording, can you be quiet please?" They could be banging pots & pans in the kitchen and I no longer hear it and can record clean audio tracks any time. The WhisperRoom also makes a great man cave, and when I pass away, I can be buried in it, as all voice actors should be. Thank you WhisperRoom!"

  • John Truscell

    Home Studio - Voiceover

    Sarasota, FL

    MDL 4242S

    "I can truly say that the WhisperRoom is working out very well for me. It was a piece of cake setting it up. I really made a good decision investing in it and have been using it for voiceover work the past two months. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again!"

  • Michael Zigmond

    US Army Airborne & Special Ops Test Directive

    Ft. Bragg, NC


    "Our WhisperRoom is working out fantastically. There were no problems with delivery and the assembly went very well. Our production facilities and editing suites are located just a few hundred yards from an active flightline for Pope Air Force Base. With the WhisperRoom's double insulation, we can record our narratives without worry now. Everyone has commented on how much better our narrator sounds in the room. Thanks for all your help."

  • Martin Schaeferle IV


    Eden Prairie, MN

    MDL 102102S

    "The WhisperRoom is working very well for us. This is our second WhisperRoom since the first has been working so well for us for many years. This WhisperRoom was purchased to provide us a recording room to produce high-quality learning videos. We are training software developers around the world on Microsoft developer tools. Our videos are delivered via DVD or sreaming media. The second WhisperRoom was built to accommodate our expected growth in production this year."

  • Isabelle Darcy

    Indiana University

    Bloomington, IN

    MDL 4230S

    "I am very pleased with the WhisperRoom™. I use it for high quality voice recordings and perception experiments. It is excellent in terms of sound isolation; I am very pleased with it. It is the perfect solution for our small lab, affordable, portable, easy to assemble, very quiet, very comfortable . . . and the customer service from ordering to delivery has been excellent. Thank you!"

  • Richard Hunt

    Red E Productions

    Houston, TX

    MDL 4260S

    "What could I say about WhisperRoom? What can't I say about WhisperRoom? This has been one of the best things we have ever done. Why cannot all business be based on delivering what you sell? In this case, the product exceeds all the selling. The WhisperRoom™ is one of those decisions that I can see the positive results from every day. Simply put, our WhisperRoom™ has saved us more than we have invested. If you need a voice booth and might need it to be portable, this is a great choice. We were originally planning on making the booth a location product. Basically, we were not really expecting it to revolutionize our ability to record. Let's begin at the order. The people at WhisperRoom™ were phenomenal assets in our decision to purchase a WhisperRoom™. Their help was fast, concise, and understandable. They shipped the room when expected and confirmed the delivery. We were able to install the room and put it into use in a matter of hours. The room worked as expected. We are located on a busy street in Houston, Texas. Combined with the Metro Busses that literally shake our building creates a problem with noise! Thanks to WhisperRoom™ we now complete all our voiceovers in house. Basically the room paid for itself in less than 6 months. We have recently completed a 30-day motivational drive-time series in this booth. There was plenty of room for the speaker. The quality of sound in this booth is very high. We have a U103 mic with a Focusrite pre-amp. We record on Protools with an AMIII card in a Macintosh. The finished product sounds great. Thank you for your great product."

For questions about any of our models, we invite you to read more in our FAQ, contact us at 800.200.8168 or email us at info@whisperroom.com.