For your convenience, WhisperRoom, Inc.™ has listed each of the basic and optional features for our sound isolation booths. The basic features listed are included in your model purchase. Optional features are additional and are priced separately.

Basic Sound Isolation Booth Features include:

  • Ventilation System - Acoustically engineered, detachable ventilation systems produce effective air circulation. (not included in SNV and ENV)

  • Door Window - Multiple layers of 1/4" thick laminated safety glass provide superior noise reduction.

  • Cable Passages - Slotted rubber plugs provide access for communications devices such as microphones, headphones, speakers, power cords, computer cables, etc.

  • Acoustic Studio Foam - Each model comes with enough Auralex® acoustical foam to cover about 1/3 of the interior.

  • Light - Basic startup lighting components and fixtures are shipped with each sound isolation booth.

portable sound booth model with caster plates cosmetic upgrade of the Exterior Accent Package (EAP) on a WhisperRoom™ sound booth model

Optional Sound Isolation Booth Features include:

  • Caster Plates - An additional floor component with wheels that transforms our sound isolation booths into portable recording studios, portable broadcasting booths, portable drum booths, portable medical labs, and so on. Besides mobility, the Caster Plates offer additional sound isolation in the downward direction.

  • Ventilation Silencing System (VSS) – Eliminates the fan noise from entering the WhisperRoom™ sound isolation booth.

  • Isolation Enhancement Package (IEP) - A full set of secondary isolation components provide a much greater level of noise reduction, as is needed with some applications. Any Standard unit can be upgraded to an Enhanced unit by installing the Isolation Enhancement Package (IEP) at any time.

  • Exterior Accent Package (EAP) – Cosmetic upgrade with a series of beautiful, wood grain, accent panels inlaid onto the exterior of our sound isolation booth.

  • Wall Windows – Our glass units consist of multiple layers of 1/4" laminated safety glass separated by an air buffer(s) and can be factory installed in any 40" wide wall component. (4 sizes)

  • Wide Access Door – Our wide access doors are perfect for such applications that require the passage of large items into and out of the sound isolation booth. They can accommodate wheelchairs.

  • Height Extensions - 10' height extension upgrades are available to meet additional height requirements.

  • Exterior Fan Silencer - Eliminate exterior fan noise by positioning each fan into an Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS).

  • Expansion Packages – Our sound iso booths are scalable to accommodate your changing lifestyle, professional, commercial or residential living needs.

  • Soundwave Deflection System – Controls soundwave reflections and prevents standing waves.

For questions about any of our models, we invite you to read more in our FAQ, contact us at 800.200.8168 or email us at