WhisperRoom, Inc.™ offers 20 sizes of sound booth models and two levels of sound isolation, each at affordable prices. The Standard (single-wall) sound booth consists of one layer of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) while the Enhanced (double-wall) sound booth comes with two layers of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Medium Density Fiberboard is a premium manufactured wood product designed to exhibit a high level of consistency and mass throughout and should not be confused with lower grade and less consistent products such as oriented strand board (OSB), particle board or wafer board.

Sound Booth Pricing

 Complete Catalog of Sound Booth Model Pricing

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Each model is constructed and shipped with basic features including a ventilation system, door window, cable passages and acoustic foam sheets that attach to the interior wall surfaces. Each sheet is attached using Velcro fasteners which allows you to tailor the interior acoustics to accommodate the application.

Optional features include Ventilation Silencing Systems and Caster Plates that transform your sound booth into a portable sound booth.

WhisperRooms™ are upgradeable. You can purchase a Standard (single-wall) and upgrade to an Enhanced (double-wall) at any time by purchasing the Isolation Enhancement Package (IEP). Listen to the difference between a Standard and Enhanced Sound Booth.

WhisperRooms™ are expandable. Sizes 5' x 5' (MDL 6060) and larger are expandable in the second dimension in various increments. Contact a Product Representative for more information.

All WhisperRooms come with a 12" x 30" Door Window, a basic Ventilation System with remote switch, Cable Passages, a starter light kit and a number of Acoustical Foam Sheets. We also have numerous optional features available such as 4 sizes of Wall Windows, Caster Plate, Wide-Access Door, etc.

For applications that do not require ventilation, we also offer SNV and ENV models, standard and enhanced models that are configured for - but do not include - ventilation.

For questions about any of our models, we invite you to read more in our FAQ, contact us at 800.200.8168 or email us at info@whisperroom.com.