These are just some of the clients that have allowed us to help them reduce sound to a whisper!

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox
Alison Krauss
Alison Krauss
Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines
Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton
John Fogerty
John Fogerty
Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson
Lionel Richie
Lionel Richie
McGraw Hill Companies
McGraw Hill Companies
Musician’s Friend
Musician’s Friend
New York Times
New York Times
Stone Temple Pilots
Stone Temple Pilots
University of Tennessee
University of Tennessee
Walt Disney
Walt Disney
Guitar Center
Guitar Center

There is no better testimonial than a repeat client ‐ one that has used our product and come back to purchase again! Check out our Repeat Purchases list below to see who has come back to WhisperRoom time and time again to reorder! The list does not indicate the number of WhisperRooms purchased each time, but the number of times the client has come back to WhisperRoom, Inc. and purchased additional units. This is a partial list and does not include individual/home studio purchases.  (Number) Indicates Repeat Purchases.

1st Seed Recordings, VA
2000 Watts Music, Inc., NY
33 1/3, NY
4 Kings Productions, NY
A-1 Entertainment, NV
A Coyote Production, Inc., FL ( 2 )
Accenture, IL
Access Hollywood, NY
Acme Soundworks, NY
Acoustic Barn - Voice over, NC
Acoustitracks Music, UT
Action Training System, WA
AIX Media Group, CA
Allied Signal, MD
Allison Krauss, TN
Amato James Music, CA
Amazing Facts, CA
American Language Services, CA - Voice over
American Signature, Inc., OH
Anchor Displays, CA
Andrew Clark Studio, Canada
Angle Park, Inc., IL
Animax, CA
Archipelago Productions, CA
Aspen Tech, MA
Atlanta Pro Audio, GA
Atomic Mary Digital Production, PA ( 2 )
Attina's Music, GA
Audible Differences, Inc., NY
Audio Consultants, Hong Kong
Audio Connoisseur, GA
Audio Scriptures International, CA
Audiobase, CA
Audiomedia, TX
Author Solutions - Voice over, CA
AutoNation, FL - E-learning
Aweberry Records, NC
AXN Latin America, Inc., FL
Baby Monster Studios, NY
Back Trax Inc., MD
Barrington Productions, TX
Bass Propulsion Laboratories, TX
Battlefield Entertainment Group, Inc., NC
Bay 6 Productions, AZ
Bay Area Sound, CA
Bean Town Productions East, NY
Beano Music, FL
Beat Digga Productions, CA
BeatStreet, NY
Bell Atlantic Directory Group, PA
Bellcore, NJ
Benchmark Studios, CA
Berkley Productions, NJ
Bernie Becker Recording, CA
Bertrands Music, CA ( 2 )
Beyond Production, MD
Biggie Productions, CA
Big International, FL
Big Dudes Music City, MO
Big Momma Productions, TN
Big Shoulders Productions, CA
Big Sky Editorial, NY
Bigger Than Blue, Switzerland
Blazed Entertainment LLC, GA
Blue Cloud Recording Studios, Bermuda
Blue Raven Productions, FL
Blue Sky Studios, NY
Bluecrab Multimedia
Bmark Studios, CA
BMG Music, NY
Bob Armfield Voice overs, MD
Boca Grande, NH
Bojingles, MD
Boreal Forest Music Productions, Canada
BPI Communications, Inc., NY
Bratton Communications, TX
Bryan Place Studios, TX
BSE Music Group, NY
Buck 50 Productions (Kingston Media), NY - Voice over/Recording
Buffy O'Neil Productions, NC - Voice over
Burning Oak Studios, NC
C2K Entertainment, CA
Cable One, AZ ( 2 )
Caption Max, MN
Carolyn Kind Studio, Canada
Cat Sass Inc., IL
Catasound Recording, CA
Cayex Illah Music, IL
Charles Colin Music, NY
Chenega Global Services - Voice over, NM
Christian Broadcast Network, CA - Voice over
Cinescore Productions, CA
City Studio, Ltd (Sofitas), Cyprus ( 2 )
Clark Anthony Productions, CA
Classic Teleproductions, OH
Click 3X, NY - Vocals & Voice over
Clinton Recording, NY
CN-Video, MO - Video Production/Voice over
CNC Recording Works, PA
Coastal Leasing, Inc., FL
College Humor - Voice over, NY
Columbia Records, NY
Columbus Music Company, OH
Comcast Advertising, CA
Comprehensive Media, TN
Com-Struction, MD
Connect Artist, Inc., NY - Vocal Recordings
Convergent Media Systems, MI
Corkscrew Media, Canada
Counter Point, CA
Coyote Productions, FL
Creative Corporate Communications, ME
Creative Events Services, MA
Creative Ministries, PA
Crossmovements Records, PA
Crystal Dynamics, CA
Cunningham, Escott, Dipene, CA ( 2 )
Custom Cassette, MN
Cyberlore Studios, MA
Cyberphonic Studios, CA
Cyberville Studios, Inc., FL
dk Mastering, France
Da Capo Productions, IN
DACS Audio, UK
Daddy's House Studios, NY
Dance City Music, PA
David Wallace Sound Design, Inc., FL
Daw Productions, NY
Dawn Treader Productions, NY
DC Group, Inc., MN
Dead Ninja Records, NY
Deadbeat Recording Studios, TX
DEF Jam Records, NC
Delphi Solutions Corp, Canada
Dick Crew Productions, WA
Digital Edge AV Studios, RI
Digital Metropolis, CO
Direct Resonance Recording Studio, TX
Distant Music, NY
Disturbing Tha Peace Recording, GA
Do Dutch Productions, CO
Dodrill Productions, CO
Dogmelon Productions, CA
DOJO 5 Productions, Inc., GA
Double Cross Entertainment, FL
Double Raven Studio, GA
Doublesharp Recording, NY
Draztik Entertainment, CA
Dream Addict, Inc., IN
Dream World Studios, MN
Droga5, NY - Ad Agency - Voice over
DRS Recording Studios, TX
Dubsonata Music, NY
Dynamic Sound & Media, New Zealand
E! Entertainment, CA ( 2 )
Ealing Studios, UK
Earshot Audiopost, LLC, CA
Earthquake Entertainment, NY
Echo Beach Studio, FL
Edge Studio, CT
Edgewise Media, CA
Edgeworx, NY
Editional Effects, NY
Effanel Music, NY
EJL Recording, Philippines
El Dorado Recording Services, CA ( 5 )
Elements, CT
eMotion Studios, CA
Encor Management Group, AZ
Enforme Interactive, MD
Engage Productions, NY
Enharmonic Productions LLC, NY
Entravision Productions, Inc., GA
Epecom Graphics, Singapore
Epicvue, AL
Arika Escalona - Voice over, WA
Exclusive Casting Studios / LA Talent, CA
Extron Electronics, CA
Eye Patch Productions, Inc., NY
Eye to Eye Productions, TX
Faktor 1 Entertainment, CA
FJ Productions, Inc., CA
Fei Tu Productions, Singapore
Feldstein Music, NY
Fhantom Flow Records, VA
Film Sound, NY
Five-Six Media, Inc., PA
Flagship Studios, CA
Flip Dascript Productions, CA
Floodgate Productions, CA - Voice over
Flurry Studios, MN
Flying Spot, Inc.,WA
Fort Athens Recording Studios, CA
Fort Group, Inc., NJ
FotoKem for Ridiculousness, CA
Four Seasons Productions, MO
Fred Burrow Productions, NY
Full A Hits Recording Studio, FL
Full Sail Center for recording, FL
Funimation Productions, TX ( 5 )
Future Recording Studios, VA
FX Cable System/Morning Studios, NY
GM Studios, TX
Gary Hill Studios, WA
G-Unit Records ( 3 )
Gadfly Productions, MN
Gain Audio, CA
Gand Music And Sound, IL
Gelfund, Rennert & Feldman, LLP, CA ( 2 )
George Creative Productions, AR
Gigantic Music, NY
GL Enterprises, Inc., IL
Global Partners Network, FL
Gold Sound, MI
Gateway Funding Group, NY
Grey Advertising, Puerto Rico
Groove Quest, IL
Ground Up Records, NY
GTE Main Street, CA
Guitars Etc., FL
Gurney Productions, CA
H&H Productions, MO
HTE Sarl / DiPiu Music / Sandy Wilhelm, NY
Handsome Brothers Music Service, CT
Harmony Gold, Japan
High Post Productions, NJ
High Voltage Software, IL
Hit After Hit, NY
Hix Brothers Music, IL ( 2 )
Hoffman Media, AL
Hoffman Sound, IL
Homeboy Music, MA
Horizon Sound Studios, VA
Hotkeys Music Center ( 2 )
Hot Java Productions, Inc., WA
Hot Keys Music Center, FL
House of Blues Entertainment, CA
House Productions, NY ( 2 )
Howard M. Shwartz Recording, NY
Humongous Entertainment, WA
HR Records, NY
I-Net @ Kennedy Space Center, FL
Ian Ryan And Associates, IL
Image Technical Services, FL
Indiana Wesleyan University, IN
In Trouble Zone Productions, FL
Innocean Worldwide Americas, CA - Voice over
Insurmountable Sounds, Canada - Voice over/ADR
Intercultura Multilingual Media, CA
Invigorator Records, NJ
ITM, Inc., NY
J. Walter Thompson, NY
Jahtomic Studios, HI
Jam Media Producers, Puerto Rico
Jam Shed Music, MI
Javelina Recording Studio, TN
Jennika, Inc., NY ( 3 )
John Fogerty, CA
Jomil Music, NY
Joy Art Music, Inc., IL
JSA Entertainment, NY
JT Productions, CT
John O Productions, NY
W.M. Jordan Company, Inc. VA
Jump, NY
Juniper Networks, India
Justin M. Peed, Inc., CA ( 2 )
Kamikazi Films, Puerto Rico
Kandi Land Entertainment, CA
Keith Harter Music, CA
Keith Harter Music, TX
Kessler Media Productions, NY
KIL International, MA
King Fila Studio, NY
Knowledge Adventure, CA
Krazy Entertainment, CA
Kresge Digital Media Studio, IL
Krones, WI
LA Digital Post, Various Locations ( 3 )
LA Talent/Exclusive Casting Studios, CA ( 2 )
Labstudio Entertainment, CA
La Guitara Music Centre, Kingdom of Bahrain
Larry Mondi Productions, MA
Latin Syncopation Entertainment, CA, WV - Voice over
Lentine Music, OH
LegaceyBeats, IN
Lichtenstein Creative Media, MA
Lionel Richie, CA
Little Airplane Productions, NY & UK ( 2 )
Little Joe Records, FL
Livewire Remote Recorders, Canada
Lofi Media, CA
London Studios, England
Lower Eastside, NY
Loyola Productions, Inc., CA
Lunch Money Music, CA, CA, CO & WA ( 7 ) Has purchased 26 WhisperRooms for E-learning videos since 2008
Mad' Hoc Media, CA
Magic Audio, FL ( 2 )
Magnitude Eight Post, CA
Maine Streaming Media - Voice over
Man Bites Dog Records, VA
Manhattan Center Studios, Inc., NY
Mark Anthony, NY (SINGER/MUSICIAN) ( 2 )
Marketing Messages, MA
Marsh-Kish Productions, Inc., NY & MO ( 2 )
Mastermind Entertainment, Inc., IN
MCA Records, NY
McCollab, NC
Media 21, Trinidad, West Indies
Mediaone Ad Sales, CA
Mediatique, Inc., Canada
Media Underground, NV
Mediacraft, Ireland
MEG Studio, CA
Mendoza Dillon & Associados, CA
Mentorware, CA
Merville Lynch Productions, West Indies ( 2 )
Metasound Systems, Inc., CA
Mindbuilder /, IL
Mist Media, Inc., CA
MOB Syndicate Records, FL
Modee Productions & Entertainment, Inc., TX
Mogis Productions, NE
Monopolee Records, NY
Mops International, Inc., CO
Morrison Brothers Music, MS
Motif Music, TN
Motive, NY
Mountain Dog Sound Studio, Canada
MTV Network ( 5 )
Multi-Image Network, CA
Music Friends Recording Studio, CA
Music Innovators Production, Inc., TX
Music Penn, NY
Music Source, WA
Musician's Music, CA
Musictech, WA
Mythryn, IL
Nationwide Records, LLC., CA
NBRS, Canada
ND & C Records, Canada
Newcastle Productions, UT
Next Step Studio, CA
No Evil Productions, NY
Nordberg Studios, NY
Norfolk Southern Railroad Band, NC
North American Entertainment, NY
Northstar Studios, CA
Not Just Guitars, FL
Noteworthy Music, VA
Now Hear This, Australia
NukleoN SynthPop Musik, CA
Ocean Way Recording, CA
Octane Records, AZ
Ohana Foundation, HI
Olympusat, FL
One Stop Entertainment, Puerto Rico
One World Language Solutions, CA
Oneoak Records, Canada
On-Hold International, FL
On the Rocks Recording, CT
Orbit Digital, NY
Ordeal Entertainment, MD
Out Of The Box Productions, MI ( 2 )
Outpost Audio, FL
Pacific Soundwaves, CA ( 3 )
Pacifiq Mass Media Services, CA
Parallex Productions, MA
Paul Turner Productions, PA
Pboss Studio, CA
PDR Entertainment, Inc., NY
Peaceland Music, CA
Peek-A-Boo Studio, WI
Pelco Editorial, Inc., NY
Pelletier Studios - Voice over, FL
Pennylane Studios, NY
Peppy's Studio, Bermuda
Phish Associates, VT
Phoebe Zimmerman, CA
Pie Town Productions, CA ( 2 )
Pilot Creative Services, Inc., NY
Pink Noise, NY
Planet Dallas Studios, TX
Planet of Sound, CT
Plantronics, Inc., CA ( 6 )
Plastercity Digital Post, CA
Play, CA
Play Network, WA
Playground & Blackeye, Canada
Playskool Technology Group, CA
PMT, Canada - Multimedia Production
POD, Inc., FL
Point 5 Entertainment, CA
Polaris Musiq Works, NY
Polk Audio, MD
Polyphony Entertainment, LLC., MD
POP Records Studios, Inc., WI
Post Factory NY, NY
Post Music, Inc., CA
The Postman Post Production Studio, Canada
Postscore, TX
Potato Productions, Hong Kong
PPI Recording, NY
ProAudio Recording, TX
Pro Lease, MO
Project One A/V, CA
Pure Audio, WA
Pursuit Productions, CA
Goodfellow AFB, TX ( 2 )
QVC, PA - Voice over
Quantum Studios, WA
R42 Productions, TX
Racetrack Sound Studios, PA
Rain Records, GA
Raveon Productions, NY
Rawthentic Entertainment, FL
RD Productions, TX
Real Brave Audio, NY - Music lessons
Real Help Communications, PA
Real-To-Reel Productions, OH
Recording For The Blind & Dyslexic, CA
Red E Productions, Inc., Houston, TX
Red Vinyl Records, OK
Redhott Records, GA
Reel Impact, MO ( 2 )
Remixx Music Studio, FL
Resolve Audio, Canada
Revolution Recording Co., CA
Reymax, Inc., NY
Rhythmbank Entertainment, NY ( 2 )
Rising Phoenix Enterprises (Ricardo Chavez), CA
Rick Baitz Music, NY
Roberson's Music, VA
Robins Research, INTL., CA
Rocky Mountain Recording, CO
Rocland Studios, MD
Rogar Studios, NY
Ron Rausch Productions, IA
Rose Studio, FL
RTM Productions, TN
Rough & Tumble Studios, PA
Running Pony Productions, TN
SA Technology, CA
S5 Music, NY
SGA, Inc. - Voice over, Puerto Rico
SXSW, Inc., TX
Saban Entertainment, CA
Sairad Studios, CA
Sam Wise Productions, NY
Scharren's Studio, OH
Schoolhouse Studios, NY
Scitor Corporation, VA
Secret Storm, UK
SE Entertainment, Inc., CA
Shaiman, Inc., CA
Shami Productions, NY
David K. Shropshire Voice overs, IA
Shut Up & Talk, NY
Sigona Music, FL - Music Production/Recording
Silver Boy Studios, NY
Silver Door Productions, TN
S.I.R. (Hold For Live), CA
Singletrac, UT
Sistemas De Telemomunicion Int., Mexico
Sixteenth Avenue Sound, TN
Six to Start, United Kingdom
Sixth Avenue Productions, Inc., NY
Sizable Productions/Jim Hodson, CA
Slogan Music, CA
SMA Realtime, Inc., NY
Skyconnect, CO
Skywalker Sound, CA
Sly Cat Studios, NJ
SmartTalk Studio, CA
Sola Scriptura, FL
Solidman, Inc., NY
Sondrol Music, CA
Sonny Black Productions, Canada
Sony Music, Canada
Sorepo, AL
Sound & Signal Systems, NM ( 2 ) - Multimedia Production
Sound Instincts, KY
Sound Workshop Productions, NY
Sound Chek Music, LA
Soundbox Studios, RI
Soundfirm, Australia
Soundscape Studio, IL
Soundwerx, CA
South Beach Audio, FL
South West Post, LLC., AZ
Speech Morphing Systems, CA
Spektrum Studios, IL
Splash Records, IL
Spring West Productions, CA
Stand Alone Entertainment, HI
Star Trax, NY
Starmedia Network, Inc., NY
Starr Blazz Records, PA
Starz Media, Canada - Voice over ( 2 )
Strand Communications, NY ( 2 )
Stone Temple Pilots, CA
Studio AMG, NJ
Studio 3 NJ, NJ
Studio 5, NJ
Studio 76, MO
Studio Center, VA
Studio Cloud 30, Canada
Studio Hypnotic, LA
Studio Productions, CA
Studio Worx, MO
Sun Valley Choirs, AZ
Sunfire Communications, FL ( 3 )
Sunshine Recording, CA
Superhoney Digital Productions, Canada
SW Networks, NY
Sweet Melodies Studio, OH
THQ, Inc., CA
Take One Productions, NC
Tandem Studios, NY
Tantor Media, CA ( 7 )
Tech On Line, MA
Teksignals, United Arab Emirates
Telescene, UT
Telewizja Wisla SP.ZO.0, Poland
Terrestrial Media, MI
The Behemoth, CA - Gaming Production/Voice over
The Bomb Shelter, CA
The Bridge Music, Hong Kong
The Farm Company, Hong Kong ( 3 )
The Fusion Creative Group, WI
The Hypermedia Group, CA
The Jingle Company, NJ
The Lightspan Partnership, CA
The Machine Shop, NJ
The Moving Visuals CO., Singapore
The Music Connection, MN
The Music Store, NY
The Sound Castle, PA
The Spot, CO
The SubStation, Australia - Voice over
The Talent Network, MI
The Video House, PA
The Voice over Gallery, UK
Thick And Thin Family Entertainment, TX
Think CD, UT
Thunder Wave, MD
Tiger Leasing, Inc., NY
Tin Man Music, NY
TM Productions, CA ( 2 )
Toby Browning Productions, CA
Toes Productions, Inc., NY
Tom Lee Music Company, Ltd., Canada
Tom Snyder Productions, MA
Tone Lotus, MA
Top Flight Studios, NY
T.R. Digital Productions, GA
Trading Technologies, IL - Training Videos - Voice over
Trailer Park, Inc., CA
Trans-Siberian Orchestra, NY ( 2 )
Tri E Entertainment, DC
Triage Entertainment, CA
Truvoice Studios NYC, NY - Voice over/Instruction ( 2 )
Tuff Jew Productions, FL
Turner Studios, GA
Twisted Pair Post, Inc., IA
Two Rooms PTE LTD, Singapore
Uaccess, IL
U-Best Karaoke, Canada
Untitled Entertainment Group, MD
Up North Cross Borda Recording, Canada
Urban Rhino, Inc. VT
Varga Music Productions, NJ
Victory Studios/Extra, NY
Victory Studios/The Anderson Cooper Show, CA
Victory Studios/The Bonnie Hunt Show, CA
Victory Studios/The Tyra Banks Show, CA
Vidacom Productions, CA
Video Post Productions, MO
Viola Studio, CA
Violet Vision, CO
Visual EFX, Inc., CT
Visual Purple, LLC., CA
VIVA Creative, MD
Voice Box Studios, CA ( 2 )
Voice Overs Unlimited, NY
Voiceguy, Inc., CA & FL ( 2 )
Voices in My Head, CA - Voice over
Voiceworks Ltd., VA
Voicezilla, Inc., NY - Voice over
Voxnow, FL
VREX, Inc., NY
Walt Disney World, FL ( 5 )
Walt Disney Co./DIC Entertainment, CA
Wavetronix, UT
Waveworks Digital Media, VA ( 2 )
West End Media, NJ
Westwood Musical Instruments, CA
Wheeler Audio Associates, KS
Whisper Recording, VA
White Dog Studios, GA
Wild Apache Productions, NY
Wild Card Media, CA
Windmill Lane, Ltd., Ireland ( 2 )
Wolf's Lair Studio, FL, for Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Wonder-Ware, CA
Woo Woo Productions, CA ( 2 )
World Changers Ministries, GA
Writers And Artist Agency, CA
XOB Records, MA
XOG Records, FL
Xeojax Production Studios, MN
Ya'Hiness Entertainment, OH ( 2 )
Yenney Music, WA - Instruction
Yoder Editing Services, LLC., OH
YouHere Productions, NY
Your Music Life, NY
Z Creative, NY
Z Records LMW, Inc., CA
Zeagler Music, LA
Zion Records, Inc., CA
A.I. New England, MA
A.I. Prince Tech High School, CT ( 2 )
Abundant Life Church, CA
Academy of Art University, CA ( 2 )
Achievement Centers / Community Child Care, FL
Adams 12 Five Star Schools, CO
Adirondack Community College, NY
Albuquerque Tech. Vocational Institute, NM
American Intercontinental University, GA
American University, D.C. ( 2 )
Archipelago Learning, TX
Arizona State University, AZ ( 3 )
Arlington Public Schools, VA
Art Institutes ( 11 ) see below:
Art Institute of California - Inland Empire, CA
Art Institute of California - Orange County, CA
Art Institute of California - Sunnyvale, CA
Art Institute of Chicago, IL
Art Institute of Colorado, CO
Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Art Institute of Houston, TX
Art Institute of New York, NY
Art Institute of Oregon, OR
Art Institute of Philadelphia, PA
Art Institute of York, PA
Audubon Nature Institute, LA
Austin Community College, TX
Ball State University, IN - Recording
Ballou High School, DC
Baltimore Public School System, MD
Bates College, ME ( 2 )
Baylor College of Dentistry, TX
Belmont University, TN
Benson Public Schools, MN
Berea College, KY
Berklee College of Music, MA
Biosensory, CT
Bird School of Music, CA ( 2 )
Bloomfield Hills Schools, MI
Boise State University, ID - Media Production ( 2 )
Bossier Parish Community College, LA
Boston Art Academy, MA
Boston College Audio Visual Services, MA
Boston Language Institute, MA
Boston University, MA
Bowie State University, MD
Boys & Girls Club of Central Iowa, IA
Boys & Girls Club of Hoboken, NJ
Boys & Girls Club of LA Harbor, CA
Boys & Girls Club of Venice, CA
Brethren Christian High School, CA
Brigham Young University, UT
Brock University, Canada
Bronx Community College, NY
Brookhaven Tech, NY
Bucknell University, PA
Cabrillo Community College, CA
California State University ( 10 ) see below
@ Channel Islands, CA
@ Dominguez Hills, CA
@ Fresno, CA
@ Fullerton, CA ( 2 )
@ Los Angeles, CA
@ Monterey Bay, CA
@ Northridge, CA ( 2 )
@ San Marcos, CA
Calilfornia University of Pennsylvania, PA
Camden County College, NJ ( 2 )
Canisius College, NY
Capella University, MN
Career Education Corporation, Various locations ( 4 )
Career & Tech Center, NY
Carnegie Mellon University, PA
Case Western Reserve University, OH
CDR Radio Cedarville College, OH
Center for Musical Arts, IL
Central Michigan University, MI
Central Texas Medical Center, TX
Charles Sturt University, Australia
Chatham College, PA
Chenery Middle School, MA
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, UT
City Colleges of Chicago (WYCC-TV), IL
City College of New York, NY
City University of New York (CUNY), NY ( 3 )
City University, WA
Clark County School District, NV
Clarkson University, NY
Clarkston Central School District, NY
Cleary University, MI
Cleveland State University, OH
College for Creative Studies, MI
College of Charleston, SC - Frog Research
Collins College, AZ ( 2 )
Collin County Community College, TX
Colorado State University, CO
Colorado Mountain College - Voice over/vocals
Columbia College Chicago, IL ( 4 )
Columbia University Grad. School of Journalism, NY
Columbus State Community College, OH ( 5 )
County College of Morris, NJ - Recording Studio
Culver Stockton College, MO
Colby College, ME
Communications College of Philadelphia, PA
Community College of Southern Nevada, NV
Compass Film Academy, MD
Concord College, WV
Cornell University, NY
Cornish College of the Arts, WA
Cuyahoga Community College, OH
Dakota State University, SD
Dartmouth College, NH
Defense Acquisition University, NY
Delgado Community College, LA
Del Mar College, TX
Drexel University, PA ( 2 )
Duke University, NC
Duke University Medical Center, NC
EDMC Online, PA
Eaglebrook School, MA
East Tennessee State University, TN
Eastern Illinois State, IL - Testing
Eastern Virginia Medical School, VA - Voice over
Edgewood School, NY
El Centro College, TX
Elkhart Community Schools, IN - Practice/Broadcasting/Voice over ( 2 )
Emerson College, MA - Recording/ADR/Voice over
Fanshawe College, Canada
Fayetteville State University, NC
FDDOC Ministry, Inc., LA
Ferris State University, MI
Field Museum of Natural History, IL
First Baptist Church, FL
Florida A&M University, FL ( 2 )
Florida Community College, FL
Florida Institute of Technology, FL
Florida International University, FL
Florida State University, FL ( 4 )
Forte Academy, CO
Fox Valley Technical College, WI
Fresno Coral, CA
Friendship Charter Schools, DC
Front Range Community College, CO
Frostburg State University, MD - Media Production/ADR
Full Sail Real World Education, FL
Gannon University, PA
George Brown University, Canada
Georgia Tech, GA ( 2 )
Germantown Baptist Church, TN
Gibbs College, NJ
Glen Lake Elementary, MN ( 2 )
Global Education Network, NY
Global University, MO
Good Shepherd Ministries Intl., CA
Gopher State Tape Library, MN
Grand Prairie Career High School, TX
Grand Rapids Public Schools, MI
Greater Southern Tier BOCES, NY - Recording V/O and Vocals
Greater Mount Calvary Church, DC
Green Country Technical Center, OK - Voice over
Guilford Technical Community College, NC
Gulfport High School, MS
Gwinnett County Schools, Lanier High School, GA - Practice and Recording
Hamblen County School System, TN
Harold Washington College, IL
Harvard University, MA ( 2 )
Hawley Place School, UK - Practice Booths
Hazard Community & Technical College, KY - Practice Booths ( 3 )
Hibbing Community College, MN
Holland College, Canada
Holyoke Center, MA
Hopkins School District, MN ( 2 )
Howard University, DC
Hudson County Schools of Technology, NJ ( 2 )
ICI University, TX
Illinois Institute of Art @ Chicago, IL
Illinois Institute of Technology, IL
Indiana University, IN ( 3 )
Instituto Technilogico y De Monterrey, Mexico
International Academy of Design Technology ( 3 ) see below
@ Florida
@ Illinois
@ Washington
Irmo High School, SC
Ithaca College, NY
James Madison University, VA
James R. Sylla School/Red Hill Academy, CA
James River Assembly, MO
John F. Kennedy High School, NY
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, MD
Johnson C. Smith University, NC
Johnson County Community College, KS
Joyce Meyer Ministries, MO
KALW Radio - San Francisco Unified School District, CA
Keller Independent School, TX
Kent State University, OH
KMS Elementary School, MN
Knox County School System, TN
LA Music Academy - College of Music, CA - Practice Rooms ( 2 )
LA County High School For The Arts, CA
LA County Office of Education, CA
Laguardia Community College, NY - Music Instruction
Lane Community College, OR - Voice over
Langara College, Canada ( 2 )
Lansing Community College, MI
La Sierra University, CA
LaSalle University, PA
Lee Middle School, CA
Lifechurch.TV, OK
Liga International, AZ - Audiology Testing
Living Word Christian Center, IL
Long Beach High School, NY
Long Island High School for the Arts, FL
Longwood University, VA - Studio/Voice over
Lorain County Community College, OH ( 2 )
Los Angeles City College, CA
Loyola Marymount University, CA
Macalester College, MN
Maricopa Community College District, AZ
Marymount School of New York, NY - Media Lab
Massachusetts College of Art, MA
Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary / Harvard University, MA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MA ( 2 )
May Port School District, ND
McGill University, Canada - EEG Testing Studies
McKinley High School, DC
McMaster University, Canada
Media Tech Institute, TX - Instrument Practice/Recording
Memphis College of Art, TN
Metropolitan State College of Denver, CO ( 2 )
Michigan State University, MI ( 3 )
Michigan State University/Psychology Dept., MI
Michigan Virtual University, MI
Middlebury College, VT
Millcreek Township School District, PA
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, WI
Minnehaha Center for MTS Charter School, MN
Minnesota Historical Society, MN - Voice Recording
Minnesota School of Business/Globe University, MN ( 2 )
Minnetonka Public Schools, MN
Mississippi State University, MS ( 2 )
Missouri Institute of Mental Health, MO
Missouri State University, MO
MT. San Antonio Community College, CA
Moore Norman Technology Center, OK
Moraine Valley Community College, IL
Mountain Ridge, High School, AZ
Music & Audio Institute of New Zealand, New Zealand
Musicians Institute, CA
National Association of the Deaf, SC - Voice over
National Education Group, IL
National University College, Puerto Rico
NETG-Ireland, Ireland
New Lawton School, MI
New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, LA
New Rochelle High School, MY
New School Jazz, NY
New York University, NY
Niagara University, NY
Norfolk State University, VA ( 2 )
North Carolina A&T University, NC
North Carolina State University, NC ( 2 )
North Dakota State University, ND ( 2 )
North Park University, IL
Northeast Metro District 916, MN
Northeastern University, MA ( 2 )
Northern Illinois University Foundation, IL
Northern Illinois University, IL ( 2 )
Northwest Lineman College, ID
Northwestern University, IL ( 8 )
Nova Scotia Community College, Canada ( 2 )
Northwestern University, IL ( 9 )
Oberlin College, OH - Psychology Testing
Ohio University's Chillicothe Campus, OH
Ohio University's Southern Campus, OH
Old Dominion University, VA
Oneonta High School, NY
Operation Blessing International, VA - Recording PSA's
Oregon Graduate Institution, OR
Oregon Institute of Technology, OR
Orlando Tech, FL ( 2 )
Ozarks Technical Community College, MO ( 2 )
Pacific University, OR - Speech Perception
Park County School District, WY
Pasadena City College, CA
Pearl Cohn Magnet High School, TN ( 2 )
Penn State University, PA ( 20 )
Pickens Technical College, CO - Film Production
Point Park University, PA ( 2 ) - Voice over
Ponca City Senior High, OK - Video Production & VO
Porter County Career & Tech, IN - VO/Radio/Broadcasting
Portland Public Schools, ME ( 2 )
Prince George's Community College, MD ( 2 )
Princeton University, NJ ( 2 )
Proctor Academy, NH
Purdue University, IN
Putnam County R-1 Elementary, MO
Queen College, NY
RMIT University, Australia
Raleigh Music Academy, NC
Rancho Santiago Community College, CA ( 2 )
Regent University, VA
Renaissance Leadership Academy, NY
Richland NE High School, SC
Ridgefield Academy, CT - Instruction & Voice over
Ringling College of Art & Design, FL ( 2 )
River of Life Fellowship, WA
Riverside Community College, CA
Rochester Institute of Technology, NY ( 3 )
Rock Valley College, IL
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, CO ( 2 )
Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, NJ
Roosevelt High School, DC
Rutgers University, NJ ( 3 )
Sacred Heart University (WSHU), CT - Sound Room @ Radio Station
Saddleback College, CA
San Diego State University, CA
San Diego Unified School District, CA
San Francisco State University, CA
Santa Clara County Office of Education, CA
Santa Rosa Junior College, CA
Savannah Christian Church, GA
Savannah College of Art and Design, GA ( 2 )
Scarsdale Middle School, NY
School District #36 Surrey, Canada - Recording Vocals
School District #57 Prince George Centre for Learning Alternatives, Canada - Voice over
School of Film and Television, Hong Kong
School of Visual Arts, NY
Scottsdale Community College, AZ
Seokyoung University, Korea
Shawnee State University, OH
Solon High School, OH
Southeastern Louisiana University, LA
Southern Adventist University, TN
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada ( 3 )
Southern Ute Indian Tribe, CO - Voice over
Southland Community Church, Canada
South-Western Career Academy, OH - Voice over
Speak The Word Church, MN
Special Olympics Florida, FL - Hearing Tests
Spokane Valley High School, WA
St. Edwards University, TX
St. Lawrence College, Canada ( 2 )
St. Louis Community College, MO
St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, NY
Stanford University, CA
SUNY Upstate Medical University, NY ( 5 )
Syracuse University, NY
Temple University, PA ( 2 )
Texas A & M University, TX - Podcasting ( 2 )
Texas Tech University, TX, Testing
Texas Wesleyan University, TX
The Boston Language Institute, MA
The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch, TX
The Juilliard School, NY
The Metropolitan State College of Denver, CO
The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, NY
The University of New Mexico, NM
Timber Creek High School, FL
Transylvania University, KY
United States Military Academy, NY
Unity School, MO
Universidad Central Del Caribe, Puerto Rico
University of Akron, OH
University of Alaska @ Anchorage, Instruction
University of Alberta, CANADA
University of Arizona, AZ ( 4 )
University of Arkansas, AR ( 2 )
University of Auckland, New Zealand
University at Buffalo, NY ( 3 )
University of Calgary, Canada
University of California, CA ( 3 )
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
University of Central Florida, FL
University of Central Oklahoma, OK ( 3 )
University of Cincinnati, OH ( 2 ) - Voice over
University of Colorado, CO ( 4 )
University of Connecticut, CT - Testing ( 2 )
University of Florida, FL
University of Florida, School of Art, FL
University of Houston, TX ( 2 )
University of Illinois/Brain & Body Center, IL
University of Illinois, IL ( 3 ) - Language Test Labs
University of Iowa, IA
University of Kansas, KS
University of Kennesaw, FL
University of Long Island, NY
University of Louisiana, LA ( 2 )
University of Lausanne, CHUV, Switzerland - Testing (EEG/Psychophysics)
University of Manitoba, Canada ( 2 )
University of Maryland, University College, MD, Communications/TV Studio
University of Massachusetts MA ( 2 )
University of Miami, FL ( 3 )
University of Michigan, MI ( 2 )
University of Minnesota, MN
University of Mississippi, MS
University of Missouri, MO ( 2 )
University of Nebraska, NE
University of New Mexico, NM
University of New Orleans, LA
University of North Carolina ( 6 )
@ Chapel Hill, NC
@ Greensboro, NC
@ Wilmington, NC
University of North Texas, TX
University of Northeast Omaha, NE - Voice over
University of Northwestern Ohio, OH
University of Notre Dame, IN ( 2 )
University of Oregon, OR ( 2 )
University of Philippines, Philippines
University of Rochester, NY
University of Sharjah, Venezuela
University of South Carolina @ Beaufort, SC - Testing Fish Hearing
University of South Florida, FL ( 2 ) - Scientific Tests/Research
University of Southern Alabama, AL
University of Southern Indiana, IN ( 2 ) - Podcasts \ PSA
University of Tennessee College of Vet. Medicine, TN
University of Texas ( 8 ) see below
@ Arlington, TX ( 2 )
@ Austin, TX ( 2 )
@ El Paso, TX ( 2 )
@ San Antonio, TX
@ Southwest Medical Center - Voice over/E-learning
University of Utah, UT
University of Virginia, VA ( 4 )
University of Washington @ Seattle, WA
University of Western Australia, Australia
University of Wisconsin @ Madison, WI
University of Wisconsin @ Milwaukee, WI
Vanderbilt University, TN ( 5 )
Ventura Community College, CA
Villanova University IMS, PA
Virginia Commonwealth University, VA
Virginia State University, VA
Virginia Tech, VA
Walter Reed Army Institute, MD
Walters State Community College, TN
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, NC
Wake Forest University School of Medicine, NC ( 2 )
Washington University, MO ( 2 )
Wayne State University, MI ( 2 ) - Multimedia Production
Weber State University, UT
Webster University, MO
Wels Lutherans For Life, WI
Wesleyan University, CT
West Des Moines School District, Valley High School, IA
West Texas A & M University, TX
Western Kentucky University, KY
Western Suffolk BOCES, NY
Westwood High School, SC - Voice over
Wheeling Jesuit University, WV
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA
World Changers Ministries, GA
Yale University, CT
Yavapal College, AZ
York College of Pennsylvania, PA
York University, Canada