Audiology Testing Booths

WhisperRoom™ iso booths can be ordered with a Multi Jack Panel component perfect for audiometric booths, hearing aid testing booths, acoustic chambers and other speech and language applications.

The WhisperRoom Multi Jack Panel (MJP) is prewired with 6 1/4″ stereo phono jacks, 4 XLR jacks, and 2 USB connectors. For pricing, please see Optional Features Pricing or contact a Product Representative for a quote.

Optional Features to Consider:  Caster Plate (CP), Step, Audio Jack Panel (AJP) 6 or 10 with Wall Window, and Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS).

Portable Audiology Testing Rooms

Did You Know?

When tested, WhisperRooms have met all ANSI 3.1 Requirements for Audiology!

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Our audiometric booths transform quickly and seamlessly into portable testing booths or portable hearing laboratories with the addition of Caster Plates (optional feature). Caster Plates provide mobility to the audio booth but also reduce downward acoustic noise transfer. Check out the step for models with Caster Plates.

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Audiology Testing Booths
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