Broadcasting Booths

WhisperRooms are used all over the world for broadcasting and podcasting.  NBC broadcasted the Summer Games using 20 WhisperRooms.   We also built custom crates for transport and storage, so NBC has the flexibility to reassemble the units at their convenience for future games.  CTV, Canada’s largest private broadcasting company, used five WhisperRooms to broadcast the Winter Games, in Montreal, using WhisperRooms.

Turn Our Sound Isolation Enclosure into a Broadcasting Booth

We offer several sizes of Wall Windows for visibility with producers and engineers outside the WhisperRoom.  Our optional Caster Plate (CP) provides mobility within the host room, which is especially useful when broadcasting at remote locations.

Optional Features to Consider: Ventilation Silencing System (VSS), Caster Plate (CP), Wall Windows, Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS), Studio Light Packages (SL).

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WhisperRooms™ are Used the World Over as Broadcast Booths

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