Practice and Rehearsal Booths

“Practice makes perfect.”  We hear from people everyday that want to practice their craft.   From opera singers, drummers, and saxophone players to guitarist – they just want to be able to practice without disturbing their family or their neighbors.  WhisperRooms are portable and modular, and can be assembled and disassembled for easy reconfiguration or relocation.  This is a lifetime investment for those wanting to practice at their convenience.

Turn Our Iso Booth into a Drum Isolation Booth and Reduce Noise to a Whisper

We offer an optional Wide-Access Door which allows for large equipment (amps or drums) to be easily set up within the interior.  The optional Caster Plate (CP) provides mobility within the host room and also reduces downward noise transfer.  For situations which may require additional interior space, we offer a 10” Height Extension (HX).

Portable Rehearsal Rooms

What happens if your band or singing group must practice in different venues from time to time? WhisperRoom™ has the answer for you. Our sound booths transform into portable rehearsal rooms with the addition of caster plates (optional feature). Each practice booth we manufacture can be assembled and disassembled easily. It is one of the smartest and most practical lifetime investments for those wanting to practice or rehearse at their convenience.

Optional Features to Consider: Caster Plate (CP), XLR Jack Panel (XLR), Wide-Access Door (WA)Studio Light Packages (SL).

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