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Our ISO booths as voice over booths and vocal booths

Voice over and voice acting is a growing industry and with the convenience of ISDN upload many voice acting talents are able to utilize WhisperRooms from the convenience of their own homes.  Major television production studios, such as Pixar, MTV and Walt Disney Productions, to name a few, are using WhisperRooms for voice over applications in their studios.  Depending on the ambient noise you want to eliminate from your recordings, WhisperRoom offers the Standard (Single-Wall) model or our Enhanced (Double-Wall) model.

Transforms into a Portable Voice Over Booth

Our Standard model will reduce ambient noise by about 50% (within mid-range frequencies) and the Enhanced model cuts ambient noise by about 75% within those same mid-range frequencies).  The Auralex® acoustic foam that we supply with each model attaches to the interior walls with Velcro, so you can add or remove foam sheets in order to customize the interior to suit specific recording needs.   For long recording sessions such as books on tape, we offer a Ventilation Silencing System (VSS) which allows for seamlessly quiet recording sessions for as long as you need.

Optional Features to Consider:  Ventilation Silencing System (VSS), Caster Plate (CP), Wall Windows, Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS), Studio Light Packages (SL).

The Voice Over Network

David Tyler’s “Putting the Whisper in WhisperRoom” – Great video showing WhisperRoom’s ability to block out ambient noise in order to produce quality recordings!

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