Assembly Demos

Both Standard and Enhanced Sound Isolation Enclosure booths can be assembled by two people. Every component is designed to be of manageable weight and size. Ceiling and floor components are attached to wall components with hinged brackets. Stainless steel bolts and pre-installed threaded inserts are used to attach wall components and seam seals to one another. Instructions are provided and the only tool required is a screwdriver.

Need help with assembly?  Call us at 865-558-5364 or 800-200-8168 and we’ll walk you through it!

Time Lapse of WhisperRoom being assembled.

NOTE: DAG Music in Tokyo, Japan during assembly of their MDL 6084 E (5′ x 7′) unit. Transportation to Japan was arranged by DAG Music. WhisperRoom, Inc. ships all components boxed, stacked and on shrink-wrapped pallets. You can also check out some photos of their MDL 6084 E in our gallery.

Sondrol’s Music – Having fun with their assembly. Visit Sondrol’s Website to see more!

Cardiff Studio’s Assembly