Basic Features Of WhisperRoom™ Sound Isolation Booths

For your convenience, below is a list of basic features for our sound isolation booths, which are included with your purchase. We also offer a wide-range of Optional features which are additional and are priced separately.

Ventilation Systems are Basic Isolation Booth Features

Ventilation System

Effective air circulation is accomplished by acoustically engineered, detachable ventilation systems. Each system circulates air at a rate of 80 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The number of systems required depends on the size of the sound isolation booth. Each system mounts to an exterior wall surface and includes one(1) intake duct, one(1) exhaust duct and one(1) Remote Fan Unit (RFU). Each duct contains a series of baffles and acoustical foam curves. This provides a treacherous path for sound to pass, while at the same time, allowing smooth airflow. To minimize vibrations, the RFU is non-rigidly attached to the exhaust duct by a flexible ducting hose. Fresh air is pulled into the room at floor level as a result of warmed air being pulled from the room at ceiling level. A wireless remote switch is provided with each WhisperRoom™ Ventilation System(s) to control the remote fan unit (RFU). For certain applications, we offer units which are pre-configured for, but which do not include ventilation (SNV and ENV models).

Door Windows are Basic Isolation Booth Features

Door Window

A door window is provided with each WhisperRoom™ model. Multiple layers of 1/4″ thick laminated safety glass are used. Laminated safety glass is used because of its superior noise reduction capability and safety features. If broken, it will not shatter. Air buffers and the weight/sq ft of the window exceeds that of a solid wall component to prevent noise transfer.

*We have two sizes of Door Windows: 12” x 30” and 16” x 30″

*16” x 30” Door Window is only available on Models 4848, 4872, 7272, and 7296

    Door Window Design

    Thickness:¾" (19.05mm)
    Design:¼" (6.35mm) - laminated safety glass
    ¼" (6.35mm) - air
    ¼" (6.35mm) - laminated safety glass
    Weight:5 lbs/sq-ft (24.46kg/m)
    Door Window Design

    Thickness:3 ⅛" (7.94cm)
    Design:¼" (6.35mm) - laminated safety glass
    ¼" (6.35mm) - air
    ¼" (6.35mm) - laminated safety glass
    1⅚" (4.13cm) - air
    ¼" (6.35mm) - laminated safety glass
    ¼" (6.35mm) - air
    ¼" (6.35mm) - laminated safety glass
    Weight:10 lbs/sq-ft (48.92kg/m)

  • CablePassage1-2014
  • CablePassage2-2014

Cable Passages

Access for communication cables (microphone, headphone, speaker, etc…), electrical cables and computer cables is accomplished by way of slotted rubber plugs. Simply remove the plug, insert the cable(s) into the slots and re-insert the plug into the wall. Two or more cable passage plugs are provided with each WhisperRoom™ and each will accommodate multiple cables.

The number of plugs depends on the size of the unit. Also, an additional cable passage plug is located at the base of each optional window component.

Auralex Acoustic Foam Colors

Acoustic Studio Foam (Auralex)

Each model comes with enough Auralex® acoustical foam to cover about 1/3 of the interior. Each sheet is 2′ x 4′ and 2″ thick and attaches to the interior with Velcro®. This allows the user to customize the interior acoustics to suit their needs. The foam can easily be added to, or removed from, the WhisperRoom for applications where a more “dead” or “live” environment is desired. The entire interior surface of each WhisperRoom™ ceiling component and the base of the door are covered with pre-attached acoustical foam wrapped with cloth.

Interior Startup Lighting is a Basic Isolation Booth Feature

18” LED Light

Lights shipped with WhisperRooms are intended to provide customers with basic startup lighting. It is understood that most customers will ultimately purchase and install lighting fixtures more suitable to their individual needs and desires. One or two lights are provided, depending on the enclosure size.

Check out our NEW Optional Studio Lights!


WhisperRoom Wireless Remote Switch

Remote Switch

A wireless remote switch is provided with each WhisperRoom to control the ventilation system(s). This allows the user to turn the ventilation system on/off from inside the WhisperRoom. The wireless switch can be connected to the light instead of the ventilation system, but it ships with the ventilation.

NOTE: WhisperRoom, Inc. reserves the right to substitute comparable product.


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