Since 1990, WhisperRoom, Inc.™ has manufactured and shipped Sound Isolation Enclosures across the world to major TV networks and recording studios, educational institutions, federal and state governments, medical labs, musicians, and individuals for a myriad of applications. Our sound isolation booths significantly reduce ambient and acoustic noise and can be used as vocal booths for recording music, voice over or translations, as a broadcast booth, musical instrument practice booth, as a medical or audiology testing lab,and much more.

WhisperRoom, Inc.™ offers 20 sizes of iso booth models and two levels of sound isolation with basic and optional features, each affordably priced: a Standard (single-wall) and an Enhanced (double-wall).

For applications that do not require ventilation, we also offer SNV and ENV models, Standard and Enhanced models that are configured for - but do not include - ventilation.


WhisperRoom Overview


Current TV

"My name is Tom Curley. I am the Los Angeles Audio Engineer for Current TV. We have been operating in a stage in Hollywood since our launch, August 1st, 2005. Since then, our company has grown not only in size, and exposure, but in the amount of work we had to do. For a long time, we had our hosts doing VO work on our set, using the lavalieres they use on the air. This was okay, but nowhere near a real VO booth. The company's start-up status had us in a pinch. We couldn't afford to hire a contractor to build a full on VO room, and even if we did, we didn't have the space! This is where your WhisperRoom came in and saved the day. We found a very small corner of our stage where we could fit the WhisperRoom. The construction was complete in a couple of days, and that was working around us taping all day. The room sounds great, and we use it frequently. It's very convenient to take our talent from stage, and bring them around a corner and right into the booth. We have also been using it to simultaneously roll VO, and shoot talent on our stage, so our productivity has gone up as well. Thank you for making a smart and effective product!"

Tom Curley
- Hollywood, CA MDL 4242S

For questions about any of our models, we invite you to read more in our FAQ, contact us at 800.200.8168 or email us at