What Our Clients Think of WhisperRoom™

Michael K. Hardy, MD, MPH
Flightline Occupational Medicine Orem, UT
4230 SNV

Hi, my name is Dr. Hardy. My specialty is Occupational Medicine. I have a small Occupational Medicine practice in Utah, and by "small" I mean tiny, in a tiny "garden level" (read: basement) office. As an Occupational Medicine physician, I need to have a booth for audiograms, a booth that meets OSHA standards for hearing conservation programs and the required hearing tests.

Given my minimal office space, I knew it would be very difficult to find an audiogram booth small enough to bring into the office, with its low ceilings and small doorways. In a moment of sheer luck, I contacted WhisperRoom, among several other audio booth manufacturers, and was in complete disbelief when I found out there was a company out there that manufactured an audiogram booth that would arrive in pieces and could be assembled on site, in place. It took no time at all for me to decide that the Whisper Room was the booth for my practice.

When the booth arrived on a large single pallet, it was shrink wrapped and well-protected, individual pieces carefully packed in cardboard boxes with protective cardboard and styrofoam pads within the boxes. I managed to bring it indoors single-handedly, piece by piece, using a furniture dolly.

The Saturday after arrival, I went to my office with some trepidation and began the process of assembling the booth. I found the instructions to be well-worded and easy to follow. The process took a half day, but it was not a process that was hateful or swear-word-inducing. On the contrary, assembly was rather enjoyable and intriguing. I marveled at the brilliance of the engineers who created this unit so it could be built completely from the inside of the booth. Due to space concerns, I had to build it against two cornering walls, and I simply didn't need access to the outside of the booth walls as I built it. All the bolts and connectors were inside the booth, and it was built from the ground up. Upon completion, I was exuberant at how it turned out, how relatively simple it was to put together, and how well it fit into its designated space in a small corner of a small side room in my office. You would have thought the engineers of the WhisperRoom were in cahoots with the architect and contractor for my building, assuring a perfect fit for the booth in my office. And frankly, there is no way at all that I would have been able to place a booth in this spot were it not for the ingenious design and assembly process of the WhisperRoom.

Today was sound attenuation test day with my audiogram calibration company. The technician tested the booth and it passed OSHA standards for sound attenuation with flying colors. This booth is everything I had hoped for in one well-engineered, well-built and straightforward-to-assemble package.

My compliments to all the staff at WhisperRoom for the fine workmanship, and especially to Jill in sales who helped me through the entire sales, selection-of-model and purchase process; and then kept me well-apprised through the preparation, shipping, and delivery evolution. I will always look at this experience as one of my favorites as I purchased numerous pieces of equipment required by my specialty, at the outset my practice. It may be a little prideful, but I like looking at the booth, knowing I put it together, with no assistants or assistance needed.

When I move to a larger office, the booth will go with me, of course, and I don't anticipate any problems at all with disassembly and reassembly. And when my practice grows and expands to a second office, I know exactly where I will turn for my second audiogram booth.

My thanks to WhisperRoom for a job well-done.

Ronald Sheffey
Ears4U, Nashville, TN
4872 S

"The WhisperRoom is great."

Tammy Wood
Ear Q, Syracuse, NY
4848 S

"My WhisperRoom is great. I am using it to conduct hearing tests for hearing aids. The sound reduction is great. My practice is on a busy street so we can hear road noise inside the building. The booth is perfect for testing."

Kassie Poplawski
Page Family Hearing, Crown Point, IN
6084 S

"The WhisperRoom I purchased for my Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic is working wonderfully! The amount of noise reduction for our setting is just right. The size is great, and our patients state they feel very comfortable in our booth. It is one of the biggest and most expensive pieces of equipment in our office and it was really nice to get exactly what I needed at nearly half the cost of other hearing booth manufacturers! We will absolutely be ordering from WhisperRoom again!"

Kathy Colapinto Au.D
ENT Institute - Newnan, GA
MDL 8484 SNV (6) with Audio Jack Panel and Window

"Everything with the WhisperRoom has worked out well. The ordering has been made easy with your support. The guys that have been assembling the booths are getting quicker and report good success with simple steps and instructions. We are very pleased with the solid design and sound absorption qualities the WhisperRoom provides. They have been a great addition to our growing Audiology practice and would be happy to speak to anyone who may be interested in your product or would like to view any of our installed booths. Thank you for all your assistance."

Dean R.G. Anderson
President Pixation Corp. / Only Hearing Aids - Orem, UT
MDL 6084 S w/WA-Door, Audio Jack Panel

"Your product is great! Excellent USA engineering and construction. We were so impressed by the design! We also had it certified and it passed. Thanks. We will be ordering more soon."

Mike Sullivan
Hearing & Balance Specialists - Ritchfield, MN
MDL 4848 S

"It looks impressive, and it attenuates ambient sound to meet ANSI S3.1 specs. I had the booth certified relative to ANSI S3.1 specs for maximum octave band levels allowed when testing hearing in the 250-8000 Hz range. Local audiology-equipment distributors are also impressed with the booth. I assembled the whole thing by myself. It took me most of the day, but I was being very careful. I think I could reassemble the booth in a couple of hours now that I know what I'm doing and what to expect. Of all the equipment I ordered in setting up my clinic, the sound booth was by far the smoothest process. Good work!"

Ellen Nathan
Hearing Station - Glendale, CA
MDL 4872 S

"I am absolutely delighted with my WhisperRoom. The install went very smoothly, and the only problem we had was laying the floor (which we put backwards and had to fix it) but luckily the room is so easy to assemble we were able to correct our error in no time at all. I loved the fact that the room was easily put together and the instructions were very clear. The WhisperRoom booth is very quiet and perfect for its application in my Hearing Clinic. It is perfect for my second story building, and I am very happy to have found a booth light enough for this building. I found your customer service really terrific. I am pleased that the communication was clear all the way through the process. Thanks again."

Adarsh Gupta, MD, MBA
Advanced Audiology Services - Fairlawn, OH
MDL 4242 S

"It is one of the best companies I have done business with. Thanks."

Karen Manley
Premier Audiology - Larchmont, NY
MDL 4848 S

"Everyone that sees my WhisperRoom loves it. I will be using it for hearing testing. Also for programming hearing aids when outside traffic noise is too loud (I am located at a very busy intersection). The delivery went better than I expected. Everything was packaged perfectly. I really appreciated the picture you have on your website of how the delivery pallet would look."

Dr. Naikai Butler
Hearing Services of North Texas - Dallas, TX
MDL 4242 SNV

"The entire experience was wonderful working with your company. I called with questions several times before placing my order and the customer service was great. The delivery company was on time and there were not problems with my order. Thanks! "

Dr. Hanif Ladak
Univ. of Western Ontario/Dept. of Biophysics - London, Ontario, Canada
MDL 4872 S

"The room is working out as expected in terms of noise reduction and fit to our space. We're using the sound room for audiometric measurements on ears, e.g., measuring acoustic admittance at the eardrum. We're getting the sound reduction we expected, and the delivery was very smooth. According to my staff, the assembly was easy, especially with the online videos."

Randy Rose
Rose Hearing Group, Inc. - Dana Point, CA
MDL 4848 S

"We put the WhisperRoom to work and it seems great. At first we were confused about not getting the casters, but we realized that we did not order them. Anyway, we were like "how are we going to move this after we get it built?" Then I remembered the TV Spot that allowed a small woman to move a large sofa as though she was dancing on a dance floor. So I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought some of those coasters and put one under each corner and was dancing with the WhisperRoom. We really enjoyed building it and it was very simple, and all that see it are amazed; no, not my moves just the quality of the WhisperRoom. Thanks for the followup, it shows you care."

Julia Strand
Carleton College - Northfield, MN
MDL 4848 S

"Thanks for the followup. We are pleased with the WhisperRoom. Delivery and set-up were straightforward and easy and we're pleased with how the room is working."

Dr. Robin Andrews, Au.D.
Andrews R.S. - Johns Creek, GA
MDL 4242 SNV

"I am completely satisfied with the whole experience I had in dealing with WhisperRoom. We use the room in our audiology practice and have received many positive comments on the appearance and how quiet it is inside. The booth I ordered fit my budget needs quite nicely. I would recommend WhisperRoom for any sound enclosure needs."

Elizabeth Craft
EBIA Hearing Instruments - Sheridan, WY
MDL 4848 SNV

"The room is working out great. It's not completely soundproof, but we knew that going in. We're using it for hearing tests, and we're getting the sound reduction we expected. I thought everything was very smooth! Thank you."

Kim E. Fishman, Audiologist
Chears Audiology - St. Louis Park, MN
MDL 7272 S

"The WhisperRoom is awesome. I think it looks good too. It was fairly easy to put together and the delivery went well."

Dr. LeAnne Norman
Utah Audiology & Hearing - Park City, UT
MDL 4872 S

"I love my WhisperRoom, as do my patients. It is the perfect size for my space and patients always comment on how nice it is. I think that every mother that comes in wants one to either lock her kids or herself in when she needs a break. :)"

Robb Millett
Avada Hearing Care Center - Stockton, CA
MDL 6060 S & MDS 4242 S

"I coordinate the install of many new offices and sound rooms for Avada Hearing Care around the country. We have made it a point since I have been involved, to use WhisperRoom booths specifically for our new installs in the Vision Division. We work specifically with physicians and Ophthalmologists inside of their practices and they generally demand the best in both appearance and results. I can tell you that the WhisperRoom has been delivering just what the doctor ordered! Our clients are those sent to us directly from the physicians practice, and the audiometric results have been spot on as well as providing a very soundproof professional environment in a sometimes noisy practice. As for our actual delivery and set up, it was always on time with the instructions and set up time pretty much as expected. I do suggest hiring, as we do, a local contractor who has the tools and the extra muscle to make it come together. They even built a custom floor insert that fit the booth perfectly and took away the fear of someone tripping as they step in or out of the booth. Overall, I would definitely recommend WhisperRoom for anyone looking to install a sound booth. You won’t be disappointed in the service or quality! "

Peter Hart
Hart Hearing Center - Watertown, NY
MDL 8484 S

"We are very pleased with the entire process with WhisperRoom. We are using it for diagnostic audiology testing and for the most part it works out very well. We're getting the sound reduction we expected. Assembly was very straight forward and simple. Overall great experience working with you guys, thanks!"

Barry Matsui
Expert Hearing - Maple Grove, MN
MDL 4848 SNV

"The build quality of the WhisperRoom is excellent, and the first-time assembly was done within 90 minutes. I would purchase another one of these, and can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small and effective sound booth that offers outstanding value."