What Our Clients Think of WhisperRoom™

Flightline Occupational Medicine Orem, UT
4230 SNV

Hi, my name is Dr. Hardy. My specialty is Occupational Medicine. I have a small Occupational Medicine practice in Utah, and by "small" I mean tiny, in a tiny "garden level" (read: basement) office. As an Occupational Medicine physician, I need to have a booth for audiograms, a booth that meets OSHA standards for hearing conservation programs and the required hearing tests.

Given my minimal office space, I knew it would be very difficult to find an audiogram booth small enough to bring into the office, with its low ceilings and small doorways. In a moment of sheer luck, I contacted WhisperRoom, among several other audio booth manufacturers, and was in complete disbelief when I found out there was a company out there that manufactured an audiogram booth that would arrive in pieces and could be assembled on site, in place. It took no time at all for me to decide that the Whisper Room was the booth for my practice.

When the booth arrived on a large single pallet, it was shrink wrapped and well-protected, individual pieces carefully packed in cardboard boxes with protective cardboard and styrofoam pads within the boxes. I managed to bring it indoors single-handedly, piece by piece, using a furniture dolly.

The Saturday after arrival, I went to my office with some trepidation and began the process of assembling the booth. I found the instructions to be well-worded and easy to follow. The process took a half day, but it was not a process that was hateful or swear-word-inducing. On the contrary, assembly was rather enjoyable and intriguing. I marveled at the brilliance of the engineers who created this unit so it could be built completely from the inside of the booth. Due to space concerns, I had to build it against two cornering walls, and I simply didn't need access to the outside of the booth walls as I built it. All the bolts and connectors were inside the booth, and it was built from the ground up. Upon completion, I was exuberant at how it turned out, how relatively simple it was to put together, and how well it fit into its designated space in a small corner of a small side room in my office. You would have thought the engineers of the WhisperRoom were in cahoots with the architect and contractor for my building, assuring a perfect fit for the booth in my office. And frankly, there is no way at all that I would have been able to place a booth in this spot were it not for the ingenious design and assembly process of the WhisperRoom.

Today was sound attenuation test day with my audiogram calibration company. The technician tested the booth and it passed OSHA standards for sound attenuation with flying colors. This booth is everything I had hoped for in one well-engineered, well-built and straightforward-to-assemble package.

My compliments to all the staff at WhisperRoom for the fine workmanship, and especially to Jill in sales who helped me through the entire sales, selection-of-model and purchase process; and then kept me well-apprised through the preparation, shipping, and delivery evolution. I will always look at this experience as one of my favorites as I purchased numerous pieces of equipment required by my specialty, at the outset my practice. It may be a little prideful, but I like looking at the booth, knowing I put it together, with no assistants or assistance needed.

When I move to a larger office, the booth will go with me, of course, and I don't anticipate any problems at all with disassembly and reassembly. And when my practice grows and expands to a second office, I know exactly where I will turn for my second audiogram booth.

My thanks to WhisperRoom for a job well-done.

Ears4U, Nashville, TN
4872 S

"The WhisperRoom is great."

Ear Q, Syracuse, NY
4848 S

"My WhisperRoom is great. I am using it to conduct hearing tests for hearing aids. The sound reduction is great. My practice is on a busy street so we can hear road noise inside the building. The booth is perfect for testing."

Page Family Hearing, Crown Point, IN
6084 S

"The WhisperRoom I purchased for my Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic is working wonderfully! The amount of noise reduction for our setting is just right. The size is great, and our patients state they feel very comfortable in our booth. It is one of the biggest and most expensive pieces of equipment in our office and it was really nice to get exactly what I needed at nearly half the cost of other hearing booth manufacturers! We will absolutely be ordering from WhisperRoom again!"

ENT Institute - Newnan, GA
MDL 8484 SNV (6) with Audio Jack Panel and Window

"Everything with the WhisperRoom has worked out well. The ordering has been made easy with your support. The guys that have been assembling the booths are getting quicker and report good success with simple steps and instructions. We are very pleased with the solid design and sound absorption qualities the WhisperRoom provides. They have been a great addition to our growing Audiology practice and would be happy to speak to anyone who may be interested in your product or would like to view any of our installed booths. Thank you for all your assistance."

President Pixation Corp. / Only Hearing Aids - Orem, UT
MDL 6084 S w/WA-Door, Audio Jack Panel

"Your product is great! Excellent USA engineering and construction. We were so impressed by the design! We also had it certified and it passed. Thanks. We will be ordering more soon."

Hearing & Balance Specialists - Ritchfield, MN
MDL 4848 S

"It looks impressive, and it attenuates ambient sound to meet ANSI S3.1 specs. I had the booth certified relative to ANSI S3.1 specs for maximum octave band levels allowed when testing hearing in the 250-8000 Hz range. Local audiology-equipment distributors are also impressed with the booth. I assembled the whole thing by myself. It took me most of the day, but I was being very careful. I think I could reassemble the booth in a couple of hours now that I know what I'm doing and what to expect. Of all the equipment I ordered in setting up my clinic, the sound booth was by far the smoothest process. Good work!"

Hearing Station - Glendale, CA
MDL 4872 S

"I am absolutely delighted with my WhisperRoom. The install went very smoothly, and the only problem we had was laying the floor (which we put backwards and had to fix it) but luckily the room is so easy to assemble we were able to correct our error in no time at all. I loved the fact that the room was easily put together and the instructions were very clear. The WhisperRoom booth is very quiet and perfect for its application in my Hearing Clinic. It is perfect for my second story building, and I am very happy to have found a booth light enough for this building. I found your customer service really terrific. I am pleased that the communication was clear all the way through the process. Thanks again."

Advanced Audiology Services - Fairlawn, OH
MDL 4242 S

"It is one of the best companies I have done business with. Thanks."

Premier Audiology - Larchmont, NY
MDL 4848 S

"Everyone that sees my WhisperRoom loves it. I will be using it for hearing testing. Also for programming hearing aids when outside traffic noise is too loud (I am located at a very busy intersection). The delivery went better than I expected. Everything was packaged perfectly. I really appreciated the picture you have on your website of how the delivery pallet would look."

Hearing Services of North Texas - Dallas, TX
MDL 4242 SNV

"The entire experience was wonderful working with your company. I called with questions several times before placing my order and the customer service was great. The delivery company was on time and there were not problems with my order. Thanks! "

Univ. of Western Ontario/Dept. of Biophysics - London, Ontario, Canada
MDL 4872 S

"The room is working out as expected in terms of noise reduction and fit to our space. We're using the sound room for audiometric measurements on ears, e.g., measuring acoustic admittance at the eardrum. We're getting the sound reduction we expected, and the delivery was very smooth. According to my staff, the assembly was easy, especially with the online videos."

Rose Hearing Group, Inc. - Dana Point, CA
MDL 4848 S

"We put the WhisperRoom to work and it seems great. At first we were confused about not getting the casters, but we realized that we did not order them. Anyway, we were like "how are we going to move this after we get it built?" Then I remembered the TV Spot that allowed a small woman to move a large sofa as though she was dancing on a dance floor. So I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought some of those coasters and put one under each corner and was dancing with the WhisperRoom. We really enjoyed building it and it was very simple, and all that see it are amazed; no, not my moves just the quality of the WhisperRoom. Thanks for the followup, it shows you care."

Carleton College - Northfield, MN
MDL 4848 S

"Thanks for the followup. We are pleased with the WhisperRoom. Delivery and set-up were straightforward and easy and we're pleased with how the room is working."

Andrews R.S. - Johns Creek, GA
MDL 4242 SNV

"I am completely satisfied with the whole experience I had in dealing with WhisperRoom. We use the room in our audiology practice and have received many positive comments on the appearance and how quiet it is inside. The booth I ordered fit my budget needs quite nicely. I would recommend WhisperRoom for any sound enclosure needs."

EBIA Hearing Instruments - Sheridan, WY
MDL 4848 SNV

"The room is working out great. It's not completely soundproof, but we knew that going in. We're using it for hearing tests, and we're getting the sound reduction we expected. I thought everything was very smooth! Thank you."

Chears Audiology - St. Louis Park, MN
MDL 7272 S

"The WhisperRoom is awesome. I think it looks good too. It was fairly easy to put together and the delivery went well."

Utah Audiology & Hearing - Park City, UT
MDL 4872 S

"I love my WhisperRoom, as do my patients. It is the perfect size for my space and patients always comment on how nice it is. I think that every mother that comes in wants one to either lock her kids or herself in when she needs a break. :)"

Avada Hearing Care Center - Stockton, CA
MDL 6060 S & MDS 4242 S

"I coordinate the install of many new offices and sound rooms for Avada Hearing Care around the country. We have made it a point since I have been involved, to use WhisperRoom booths specifically for our new installs in the Vision Division. We work specifically with physicians and Ophthalmologists inside of their practices and they generally demand the best in both appearance and results. I can tell you that the WhisperRoom has been delivering just what the doctor ordered! Our clients are those sent to us directly from the physicians practice, and the audiometric results have been spot on as well as providing a very soundproof professional environment in a sometimes noisy practice. As for our actual delivery and set up, it was always on time with the instructions and set up time pretty much as expected. I do suggest hiring, as we do, a local contractor who has the tools and the extra muscle to make it come together. They even built a custom floor insert that fit the booth perfectly and took away the fear of someone tripping as they step in or out of the booth. Overall, I would definitely recommend WhisperRoom for anyone looking to install a sound booth. You won’t be disappointed in the service or quality! "

Hart Hearing Center - Watertown, NY
MDL 8484 S

"We are very pleased with the entire process with WhisperRoom. We are using it for diagnostic audiology testing and for the most part it works out very well. We're getting the sound reduction we expected. Assembly was very straight forward and simple. Overall great experience working with you guys, thanks!"

Expert Hearing - Maple Grove, MN
MDL 4848 SNV

"The build quality of the WhisperRoom is excellent, and the first-time assembly was done within 90 minutes. I would purchase another one of these, and can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small and effective sound booth that offers outstanding value."

Walter Payton Chicago College, Chicago, IL
8484 S

"We are starting an all student run radio station and the booth is blocking most of the sound from the classroom just as we hoped."

Chatham College - Pittsburgh, PA
MDL 4242 S

"The boxes were well marked, and it was pretty easy to assemble. Both the broadcast students and the Masters in Film Arts students are using it regularly. It's a great product . . ."

MDL 4872 S

"In my many years of business, I honestly can say that I have never experienced such a high level of professional care and follow-up. The people at WhisperRoom and the actual booth are of the highest quality. Every aspect of the ordering, shipping and assembly was problem-free. The booth is amazingly well made and allows for a smaller space to be transformed into a fully functional studio. It looks fabulous and provides a proper atmosphere and recording environment."

The Urban League of Champaign County - Champaign, IL
MDL 4848 S

"I want to thank you for allowing the Urban League the opportunity to help our community by selling us the WhisperRoom ISO booth. The booth is definitely the highlight piece of our radio broadcasting program."

Detroit Public Television - Wixom, MI
MDL 4848 S

"The delivery was quick and the assembly was painless. The portability of the room is a great bonus since we can disassemble and reassemble it in very short time and not have any downtime. We saved thousands of dollars by not building a permanent audio booth. We love your product!"

Niagara University - Niagara, NY
MDL 4848 S

"Everything has been great with the product. It's exactly what our application called for. Delivery and assembly went like clockwork. We and our students are very happy customers."

CTV - 2010 Winter Olympics Media Center - Vancouver, Canada
MDL 8484 S (5)

"Everything from WhisperRoom is performing above expectations."

RTBN Instructor Southern Alberta Institute of Technology - Alberta, Canada
MDL4872 S (3)

"The condensed version...We LOVE it!!!! We purchased a WhisperRoom and could not believe the quality of the voice overs the first day we used it. This was a very cost effective option. It's basically a 4 x 6 foot soundproof shed. Our students also use it for broadcasting. Our campus station is radio.sait.ca and everything that is on the station our students write, voice and produce. Almost all of the voice overs on the station are done in the WhisperRoom. The reason we bought it is because we needed to improve the quality of our voice overs and it did that immediately. Extremely quiet, even with the built in ventilation fan going, and our audio projects sound SOO much better with the use of the WhisperRoom. Additionally, it has been remarkably easy to put it together, take it apart and put it back together (because of renovations and moving the WhisperRoom, we've done it three times). Also, when industry professionals come in for a tour of our new facilities, they comment on how they wish they had one of these and always ask how good they are. For a college teaching radio, for a radio station needing a voice booth, for someone wanting a home studio...it's perfect! I highly recommend it."

KISS 108 Radio - Boston, MA
MDL 4260 E

"Just a note to tell you my WhisperRoom is up and running. It works spectacularly! My clients like the clean voice tracks I'm now able to send, and I like the fact that I can jump and perform voice work without having to shut down all my noisy equipment. Thank you for manufacturing such a fine product!"

Penn State University - University Park, PA
MDL 4242 SNV (2)

"I can't tell you how impressed I have been with WhisperRoom's accuracy and efficiency. It's not very often that you get a real, caring person when you call a company to place an order. I was blown away when I called to place a second order and they remembered me from the previous year. That really speaks volumes about the quality of service. I have recommended these sound booths to pretty much anyone that will listen and I am sure that they will receive the same kind of customer service that has made me a believer. Thank you WhisperRoom!" Visit our photo gallery to see Penn State's photos!

WBEZ-Radio / Chicago Public Media - Chicago, IL
MDL 10286S & Two MDL 7296 S

"This is my third booth purchased and they are great for my community News offices - News Bureau's based in various communities thru-out the Chicago Area including Northwest Indiana. The sound quality I require is perfect with the WhisperRooms."

Wheeling Jesuit University, Inc. - Wheeling, WV
MDL 7296 S

"The WhisperRoom is working out great. We are using it for videoconferencing with schools around the world. Assembly was easy (this was our third WhisperRoom build)."

NBC News - Long Island City, NY
MDL 4242 S (2)

"I wanted to share a YouTube video that we made at our temporary filed shop in St. Paul, MN at the recent Republican National Convention. After a long summer we had a bit of fun during breakdown . . . I'm the guy doing the play-by-play on the video. Hope you enjoy . . . Hey, if there's such a thing as a WhisperRoom t-shirt can I get one from you? Also wanted to let you know what a great design job you guys did on the case that the WhisperRoom travels in. The Secret Service was even impressed when we had to open the create for inspection purposes." See YouTube Video made by Kevin Parrish at NBC News

Los Angeles, CA
MDL 84126 S

"The WhisperRoom is great. I can practice drums for hours at a time without annoying my wife or neighbors. I have mine set up in the garage. My wife does not have to turn up the tv while watching in the house and the neighbors cannot hear the drums from inside their house."

Elkridge, MD
MDL 4872S

"The WhisperRoom works very well, I am able to practice my saxophone and clarinet anytime I wish. Assembly was very easy."

San Diego, CA
4872 S

"It is working our very well. I practice saxophone and other instruments in it. I live in a condo townhouse and am able to practice any time day or night."

New York, NY
4260 E

"A WhisperRoom ended up being perfect to suit my needs and functions more effectively and for more applications than I could have previously imagined. I bought a WhisperRoom to practice my saxophone. I thought it would muffle the sound enough to allow me to practice during daytime hours without overly disturbing my neighbors, but somehow I am now able to practice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without my downstairs neighbor hearing a thing. More than that, it's so peaceful inside that I move my laptop into the booth even when I'm not practicing because it's a quiet escape from the noise of the city. I love this room with all of my being and I'm keeping it forever."

Highland Park, NJ
4260 S

"The room is working out very well for me. I'm a saxaphonist living in an apartment and having this room allows me to practice much more regularly."

Eco Elite UK Ltd. - London, United Kingdom
MDL 4242 S

"The installation was great, even a complete DIY-phobic like myself managed it very easily. Fred is now recording music... if he makes it to the top we will mention WhisperRoom for sure."

Musician: Bass Guitar - Medford, NJ
MDL 4260 S

"I've just finished erecting the WhisperRoom Iso booth and I want to tell you, and everyone at WhisperRoom, how absolutely impressed I am with both the product and the people who stand behind it. This product weighs a ton -- built like a 56' Caddy. It's large, unforgiving; but your well thought-out instructions and high quality standards in design and workmanship made this unit fit together with precision and ease. From start-to-finish it took only a few hours to install; and without ANY aggravation--NONE. Today, and during the past week, whenever I've had a question or two, everyone I've spoken with at WhisperRoom has been knowledgeable and gracious -- proudly keeping reliable, attentive service an obvious hallmark. As far as I'm concerned, WhisperRoom may not be one of the biggest corporations in America, but it sure as Hell is one of the best. Keep up the great work."

Musician: Guitar - San Francisco, CA
MDL 6060 S

"I wanted to write and say how excited I am to finally have the WhisperRoom! WOW! It looks so professional, it's amazing. This room is the REAL DEAL. It's built like a ROCK. It says fragile on the boxes, but there's no way this thing could have been damaged in the mail. It's so well built and EASY to ASSEMBLE. Everything was in perfect condition and ready to go. This has got to be one of the best investments I've EVER made. I've got friends who are dying to come see the room. They can't believe I have a recording studio in my apartment! My neighbors were jealous too!"

Musician: Flute - Seattle, WA
MDL 4848 S

"I just wanted to thank you and let you know that our WhisperRoom arrived on schedule and in perfect condition. It is now all set up, and the acoustics in this thing are awesome! I'm amazed at the quality of workmanship, the professional appearance, and the great sound of your product. You all do a great job, and I will recommend WhisperRoom to any and all fellow musicians in need of a sound enclosure! Thanks again."

Musician: Drummer - New York, NY
MDL 102102 SNV

"The WhisperRoom rocks. Plain and simple...It is an integral part of my studio at home and enables me to play full volume drums early in the morning. Today I started at 9:00 am. Drummers with motivation in the morning (among others) can definitely benefit from your WhisperRooms! Looking forward to my next upgrade! Thanks again."

Musician: Saxophone - Benicia, CA
MDL 4848 SNV

"Everything went just like clockwork, in fact the delivery was earlier than I had expected. The assembly was a snap and the booth is exactly what I needed."

Musician: Saxophone - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
MDL 4848 S

"Thank you so much for everything. My WhisperRoom arrived in perfect condition, and the assembly was a piece of cake. It only took two of us to put it together, and we were both extremely impressed with the engineering. It is very functional and yet so simple to put together. Thanks a lot for your patience with me. I was really, really, really nervous about doing such a large transaction over the internet, but your company's professionalism made it as easy as it could possibly be. I will certainly be posting some positive feedback on your website. Thanks again for everything."

Voice over Talent / Musician - Cambridge, MA
MDL 4242 S

"Just a final email to say thanks for your help! I wasn't able to get at the assembly for a few days, but all went well and I'm very pleased with the room. (And it's good you talked me out of the larger unit . . . it probably would have been too large to assemble easily in the space I have.) I was impressed that the bolts and holes lined up so well, especially given the size of the components. It's a solid, well-designed, professional piece of equipment, and I'm sure it will give me many years of service. Thanks again for your help. "

Musician / Vocalist - Vigra, Norway
MDL 4872 S

"Just finished assembly tonight and I gotta say I'm elated. Everything went perfectly, and the sound reduction is remarkable. It's also an inspiring place. You guys deserve every success. You sell a top quality product at a reasonable price, and you care about your customers' requirements. The support was amazing and unrivaled in my experience. Thanks for everything."

Home Studio: Vocal Talent - Gilbert, AZ
MDL 4242 S

"My WhisperRoom is working great for what I need it for. I will be taking some voice classes at school in the fall so this will be perfect for practicing in. The delivery went fine (nothing was damaged or anything) and the assembly was straight forward."

MDL 8484 S ( 3 )

"Our lesson/recording rooms offer state of the art sound isolation; the best ambiance for natural recording production. We love these rooms and it brings customers in with their professional look and sound. Thank you again for such a great product."

Bird School of Music - San Francisco, CA
MDL 102126 S

"We are enjoying our WhisperRoom. It is being used for private music lessons, also as a small rehearsal space for groups and is currently set up with a 16 channel snake out to ProTools. I am impressed with the sound quality inside the room. I'm glad we made the decision to buy it."

Eberhardt Music Store Randolph, NJ
MDL 4872 S(2)

"The rooms work well for guitar lessons and they are very comfortable. I had absolutely no problems with assembly. I had seen similar types of rooms before I ordered the WhisperRooms. Many local teachers and other music store owners have visited my shop and have been very impressed by the quality of the product."

Musical Director - Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble (Violin/Sax) - New York, NY
MDL 4242 S

"I used the WhisperRoom last night around midnight to go over some of my new compositions (I play the violin), and I have been loving it ever since. I was worried that the room would be too small, but it doesn't feel small, and I feel pretty comfortable in it - not only because I don't have to worry about our neighbors, but also because I don't hear any more sirens or people shouting in the busy New York streets!! It helps me with concentration. Sam is in there right now, enjoying his early hours before he heads off to the University to teach jazz. We are expecting a little girl (our first) in January and we know that we'll be happier parents because of the WhisperRoom!"

Musician - Drum Practice - Nicholasville, KY
MDL 10284 S

"I am extremely happy with my WhisperRoom. It's exactly what I needed! The whole process (delivery, assembly, etc.) went very smoothly."

Saxophone & Various Instruments Practice - Newton, MA
MDL 102168 S

"Before I had the room I hardly ever practiced at home because of all the complaints. My room has allowed me to practice again on a regular basis - don't know how I ever lived without it. Plus, I've got all my instruments set up and ready to go in the room - it makes it convenient to practice them in rotation. I'm now playing Soprano and Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, Yamaha WX-7 Wind Controller, Vibraphone, Piano and Blues Harp! So I'm sounding a lot better these days!"

Saxophone Practice - Hartley Wintney, UK
MDL 4260 S

"We assembled it in a few hours, and everything went very smoothly. I'd just like to say that having suffered in the past with flat pack furniture, I was delighted that the WhisperRoom went together like a dream. The quality of materials, assembly and instructions are simply excellent, and I really appreciate the engineering that has gone into this product."

Vocal Practice - Houston, TX
MDL 4260 S

"I LOVE my WhisperRoom! It is working out even better than I thought. The assembly was easy to follow. I have been enjoying it - the sound proofing is great."

Jahtomic Studios - Lahaina, HI
MDL 8484 E

"The WhisperRoom is amazing. There is live drums being played next to me right now and these computer keys are louder. The quality and workmanship is a work of art. It's a haven . . ."

Home Studio - Practice Burbank, CA
MDL 4872 S

"It's working out great. I'm using it mostly for acoustic guitars, banjo and fiddle . . . as well as the occasional vocal recording. I'm getting the sound reduction I expected. Thanks again!"

Cadena Recording Studio - Guitar, Violin, Vocals Madison, NJ
MDL 6084 S with VSS, EFS and Wall Window

"The WhisperRoom has been great. I have construction going on across from the house and it's helped tremendously. I do a weekly jazz show, "The Jazz Capital of the World" with Carla Lillian, as well as band recordings and everyone enjoys recording in the WhisperRoom. Thanks so much."

LA Music Academy, College of Music - Instruction/Practice - Pasadena, CA
MDL 8484 S (3)

"Delivery went fine. It was a lot of stuff, but everything was labeled nicely and easy to find. Assembly was amazingly simple. Much easier than IKEA furniture! Overall, the students are thrilled."

Home Studio - Saxophone Practice - Sydney, Australia
MDL 4848 E

"Shipping was WAY quicker than I expected. Communication with the freight company was good. Assembly was easy, think "IKEA." I just had one friend help me. It is plenty of room for one tenor sax player, either standing or sitting. I actually managed to fit another tenor sax player in there. We both sat on little stools and jammed together. However it's a bit tight for two people in a professional setting. It reduces the sound a lot. It doesn't totally stop it, but it converts a screaming acoustic instrument to the level of a TV. I had my friend play tenor sax at full volume while I walked around the apartment. I could hear him in each room but it was how you would hear a tv. As soon as I went outside the apartment, I couldn't hear him at all. One other cool thing is that the finish is like the female part of Velcro. So if you have anything such as metronome, headphones, you can just Velcro them to the wall. All in all, I'm very satisfied with this room, it's changed my life. Get one."

Opera Singer - Voice Teacher - Manhattan, NY
MDL 102168 E

"I have a gorgeous looking and ideal sounding practicing and teaching room in a business building in Manhattan. The owners of the building are, by the way, great WhisperRoom admirers, and the people in the neighboring offices are still trying to figure out exactly what it is that I actually do, since they do not hear me at all! I have a big, operatic voice!"

Trumpet Player - Edmondton, Alberta Canada
MDL 4872 S

"My WhisperRoom is terrific. I got it to practice trumpet in, and my family is very thankful! It turns out that it is also beneficial for working on my playing. The reverb is totally eliminated, so you can't directly work on tone. But by eliminating the bounced-back sound, you can more clearly hear attacks, steadiness of pitch, and the ends of notes, and you can better feel the vibrations in the horn, which lets you work on tone indirectly. I live in Canada, and have ordered many things from the US, and I have to say that this purchase was the most professional and efficient among them all."

Bertrand Music Enterprise; Music Lessons - Guitar, Piano & Vocals - San Diego, CA
MDL 7296 S with 26" x 36" Wall Window

"This is our 3rd WhisperRoom purchase and we love them. We really needed some extra lesson-room space and WhisperRoom provides us with such a value. The best part of the WhisperRoom is if we have to move locations we get to take studios with us! I highly recommend the WhisperRoom. The room is working out great."

US Army - Fort Drum, NY
MDL 7272 S (2) & MDL 7296 S (2)

"The WhisperRooms we have are performing to our expectations. They are primarily being utilized as individual practice rooms. The sound reduction is adequate to our needs. Delivery and set up went smoothly. The assembly team stated that the pictures were extremely helpful."

MDL 6084 E

"Sorry for my delay, right now I'm on tour in Europe . . Just have to tell you that the WhisperRoom is so amazing. After so many years I'm able to practice my congas and percussion right next to my bed, without disturbing anybody. . . the money people spend on renting practicing spaces is the same for anyone to have a place at home. I'm telling everybody about it, to be able to sound proof the sound of a LOUD set of congas is just amazing. Thanks again."

People Love Process
MDL 4848 S

"WhisperRoom provides a pro level recording environment that elevates our companies final product improving our customers' experience."

Eagan, MI

"I am very pleased with my WhisperRoom. The staff at WhisperRoom have been great!"

Sacramento, CA
4242 S

"I am so happy to finally have a dream realized. I am using my WhisperRoom for everything, possibilities are endless. I was worried about the busy street I live on but the mic does not pick up the outside sounds.

John J High School, Cross River, NY
4260 S

"Our students in Music Technology classes are using the WhisperRoom as part of our new "sound recording" component that has been incorporated into our existing curriculum. We are really happy with the ability to record with instruments and not interrupt other students".

Aspen Tech, Bedford, MA

"The WhisperRoom is working out very well for us. It fits perfectly in the corner of a larger mini-studio where we do video interviews/testimonials. The improvement in quality of our audio recordings is very noticeable."

Brisbane, Australia
4260 SNV

"I am very pleased with my new WhisperRoom. It does exactly as intended and now I don't have to annoy anyone in my house with my rapping. I use my WhisperRoom during the day and at night and nobody in my family can even hear me. The sound reduction is excellent. My confidence to speak and rap out aloud has been boosted by 100%."

Audio Visual Innovation, Chicago, IL
4848 E

"It's been great so far! My end users are quite satisfied with the booth and how well it performs as far as sound isolation goes. It is being used to collect stories from alumni, staff, faculty and students about their experiences at the school for the 150th anniversary."

Oconee County for Walhalla Library, Walhalla, SC
6060 S

"Our new WhisperRoom is a great addition to our library and has generated a lot of curiosity amoung our patrons. We are working on an oral history project in partnership with out local county history museum to record stories from our residents about the specific and unique history of Oconee County."

Ohio University, Athens, OH
6084 S

"I've been recording for 25 years and in education for 20 of those years. In all my time building studios, wiring, installing gear, etc., I've never had a more pleasant experience than I did when putting these WhisperRooms together. The instructions were clear, everything was properly labeled. They were so easy to assemble. Great job, keep it up!"

Rois-Rovieres QC, Canada
7272 E
Lois Leland Lucius, West St Paul, MN
6084 E
Kerrville, TX
4872 ENV

"I am thoroughly enjoying my WhisperRoom, it has exceeded my expectations of noise suppression and my recordings are clean as a whistle. Even in longer projects that require long stays in the booth, my WhisperRoom is very comfortable indeed, even without ventilation. For anyone who needs a super-quiet environment in which to work, I recommend the WhisperRoom whole-heartedly, in fact I'm planning on buying another for my Hollywood studio as well."

Los Angeles, CA
4242 S

"It went together easily and perfectly. The directions couldn't have been clearer. Only needing a phillips head screwdriver for everything is sheer genius."

New York, NY
127 LP S

"The booth is working great for us"

The Media Center, Pueblo, CO
6084 S

" It is fantastic and has been a life saver for our studio noise mitigation needs."

Estrella Arts, New York, NY
4242 SNV

"I love my WhisperRoom and only wish it was out and able to be seen more."

Montreal, Canada
4848 S

"I am pleasantly surprised by the room's capacity to effectively keep the sound in. Even alone, I managed to assemble the room without any problems."

Portland, OR
4242 S

"I live near the Portland airport, a major highway and a train yard. The booth cuts the noises effectively."

Faktor 1 Entertainment Oakland, CA
127 LP SNV

"I want you to know that every aspect of this deal went seamlessly. I couldn't have asked for better. I can't see any room for improvement."

Recording Studio - Port Coquitlan, BC Canada
MDL 4242 SNV

"Freight was on time, install took about 60 minutes, the room is beyond my expectations. The vocal quality has jumped at least 40% better than what I use to get. Finally those who I know that have small studio's want to use this room for their vocals. It also makes my studio look more professional."

Herman Sandoval Limitada - Santiago, Chile
MDL 4242 SNV

"During five days in a row, we tested the WhisperRoom. The festivities were attended by many people and the noise was loud, so we were somewhat scared, but the truth is that we are very pleased with the result. People like the cabin and had a good reception to it."

Blu Blaze Productionz - Miami, FL
MDL 4848 S

"Our experience with you and WhisperRoom, Inc. was amazing. You made the transaction so easy for us. We LOVE our WhisperRoom. I researched other portable isolation booths and this one was by far superior. We are definitely recommending you to any who asks."

Connect Artist, Inc. - Woodhaven, NY
MDL 4848 S

"The WhisperRoom has been great for us so far, we love it! You were right about the assembly time, it didn't take that long at all. And we love that it was an easy process and didn't require any excessive tools. I am very happy with our decision to get the booth with you guys. Overall I'm very happy with everything. Thank you."

Dakota State University - Madison, South Dakota
MDL 127 LPS, MDL 102144 S & MDL 102168 S

"Our experience with WhisperRoom has been terrific. The staff was was friendly, quick with quotes, and they knew their product. Everything was packed well, and set up went smoothly. We have three rooms and we are very pleased with the quality; everything fit well, good sound isolation, and they look great too. If I need another room, I'll go right back to WhisperRoom."

Home Studio - Long Island City, NY
MDL 4242 S

"The room is absolutely amazing. Couldn't be happier. I'm using the booth for practicing and recording my vocals and the sound isolation is exactly how I imagined it."

Cockos, Inc. - New York, NY
MDL 102126 E

"The WhisperRoom is great! We are enjoying it greatly and it really sounds fantastic in there. Thanks again for the room, we are very satisfied!"

Home Studio - Las Vegas, NV
MDL 4848 S

"The room is working out wonderfully, it gives great sound reduction, was very easy to assemble and no problems with delivery. The first project that I used the room for was to finish up a vocal project that I had in the works."

Tony Tang Productions, Inc. - Wilmette, IL
MDL 4848 S

"Thanks again for your help in the process! I'm very pleased with the resulting look and sound isolation I get from the WhisperRoom!"

Les Enterprises L. Mondon - Montreal, Canada

"Your customer service over the phone or e-mails and the return of our calls was so efficient and pleasant that we decided to buy your booth instead of other companies. We would definitely recommend WhisperRoom to anyone looking for such a device. Thank you!"

WGBH (PBS) - Burbank, CA
MDL 6060 E

"The WhisperRoom is working out very well. It is quiet and provides great efficiency and cost savings to us. We use it for voice overs, of descriptive videos, for movies and broadcast TV. The sound reduction is as good as we expected (and we expected a lot!) I have already had dicussions with our Boston engineering group about how well the WhisperRoom works for our Burbank facility."

s5Music - Brooklyn, NY
MDL 4242 SNV

"I am very satisfied with my purchase. My WhisperRoom has definitely given my project studio a very professional sound as well as adding to the overall look. I think it has been one of my best investments I have made for my project studio."

Schluter Systems Canada - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
MDL 4872

"As you recall we purchased this to solve a structural vibration noise from a near-by electrical room that rendered our first effort at creating a recording room useless. We were fighting both the airborne hum and one through the solid concrete floor. Your double-walled, double-lifted sound booth with a ventilation muffler (VSS) may even have been overkill, but we are happy with the overkill as that rumble can't even be found in the recordings. This room compliments our in-house video studio making our own instructional videos. In Montreal we need to work in English, French and Spanish and the set-up is actually good enough to allow us to extend to other languages as this manufacturer distributes in 26 countries around the world. I guess you would call your WhisperRoom part of a world class installation. I thank you for holding our hand throughout our process of researching solutions. You gave us an excellent solution."

Sound Designer/Composer - Studio City, CA
MDL 7296 S

"I was a skeptic about the efficiency of WhisperRooms for years - you hear so much misinformation on the internet that you just don't know who to trust. But an opportunity came up to get a 6' x 8' WhisperRoom for my post production studio, and I jumped on it. I was immediately struck by the very high quality of the build materials, as well as the ingenious design. Three people dismantled it, moved it, and put it back together in an afternoon. It is heavy and bulky, but there is no getting around physics: you need mass to stop sound. Though it is just the standard model, it is extremely effective for everything I use it for: voice over, foley, sound effects recording and music recording. I have Leslie speakers and guitar amps permanently set up on one side, and I'm able to record at a decent level without disturbing anyone. But I can also record very quiet sound effects within the room, without picking up a lick of external noise. The 6' x 8' model is large enough for me to work in without feeling cramped or imparting a very boxy sound upon the audio. Overall, two big thumbs up! Clients include Lucasarts Entertainment, Activision, Electronic Arts, & Disney Publishing."

TruVoice Studios - NYC New York, NY
MDL 84126 E & MDL 102126 E

"We love our WhisperRooms! Using WhisperRooms allows us to cater to a wide variety of musician's needs. The ability to teach, rehearse and record our musicians in one space is absolutely invaluable and our clients love the professionalism and privacy!"

Executive Hearing LLC - Plano, TX

"The assembly was so simple they were able to almost do it perfectly without the need for instructions. I use the booth for hearing testing, the sound reduction is great and many patients comment on that. I was a little concerned that patients would be suspicious because the booth doesn't look like most they have seen but they have said "wow, this is really a nice one". They are perceiving the difference as being more upscale or something."

Akustica, Inc, Pittsburgh, PA
7272 S

"This is the second WhisperRoom we have purchased and plan on purchasing a third one shortly. The ease of assembly, ventilation and the way it dampens noise are the main reasons with price also a factor."

Edmondson Hearing Solutions, Old Orchard Beach, ME
4848 S

"I am a hearing specialist and use my booth to test patient's hearing. The booth works perfect! It was very easy to assemble and was very well made. I would highly recommend you to everyone!"

Estherhazy, CA
4848 E

"This is my second time ordering from WhisperRoom. I am an occupational health nurse in the mining industry and use the sound booths for industrial audiometric testing for our employees. I like the WhisperRoom sound booths because they are spacious on the inside and take up minimal space in a room. They also provide the quiet environment needed for hearing testing. I was very impressed with the customer service I received from WhisperRoom and the delivery of the item was very timely and efficient."

Estrella Arts, New York, NY
4242 SNV

"I love my WhisperRoom and only wish it was out and able to be seen more."

Michigan State University – East Lansing, MI
MDL 4872 S/E (6)

“The WhisperRooms are working great. We are using them to run subjects in our psychology studies. The delivery went well and assembly went pretty well.”

Michigan-Based Manufacturer – Vibration Testing – Michigan
MDL 102126 S

"The WhisperRoom works well with us. We have a small vibration bench for components such as car radios so it is a perfect fit for us. It is a great investment.”

University of Oregon – Auditory/Electrical Impulse Testing – Eugene, OR
MDL 4848 ENV

“Assembly was fine, and the room is working great for us. We were able to RF shield the room with some copper mesh, which also works great. We will probably be repeat customers.”

Scanmedics – Sydney, Australia
MDL 7296 S

“The room looks great and is working well for us; we can finally calibrate equipment without interference!”

West Coast Business Products – Chatsworth, CA
MDL 4848 S

“I would like to take a moment to Thank-you for your excellent customer service. I have a very good customer that needed an “Isolation Sound Booth.” I could not find any company that would sell me an item with the specs that I had. I hit “gold” when I found “WhisperRoom, Inc.” on the web. My customer and I have been working non-stop with one of your Product Representatives. I have found her service to be outstanding. She has kept me updated on everything that she has done. She has also been very diligent in making sure that she quotes my customer exactly what she needs. Since this is a very important government buyer, I was at first dismayed to find so many uncooperative companies. I have highly recommended your company to my co-workers and I will continue to do so anytime someone is looking for something that you have in your line of products!”

SUNY (State University of New York) – Stony Brook, NY
MDL 4872 S

“Everything went fine. Just like the first one. Still a happy customer.”

Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership – Research – Farmington Hills, MI
MDL 6084 SNV

“We love the WhisperRoom! Very well designed! We are using the room as an ad-hoc server room for our computer cluster. Delivery was seamless. We installed a 2-ton wall-mount air conditioner to cool our equipment and so far it is working out great! I have installed a large rack of computers as well as a monitoring system that includes smoke, temperature, humidity, power and door alarms.”

Audio Engineer Imation Corp. – Oakdale, MN
MDL 7296 E

“The WhisperRoom went together perfectly and provides a good level of attenuation. We are now able to test our products in relative silence. Performance-wise, the enclosure is working out very well for our audio product testing laboratory. We are achieving an ambient sound level of 27dBSPL inside the room. The quality of the machined components is excellent and the aesthetics are pleasing. Those who have seen the enclosure think that it’s some sort of fancy ice fishing house – a popular Minnesota winter sport. Overall, we are very pleased with the WhisperRoom and I would recommend it to others.”

Sandia National Laboratories – EEG Testing – Albuquerque, NM
MDL 4260 S

“The WhisperRoom has worked out very well! The assembly was straightforward and went very smoothly. I am very pleased with everything.”

Bose Corporation – Framingham, MA
MDL 102126 S

“Assembly was quick and painless. Room works great, provides acceptable level of attenuation. I would recommend the height increase for any sort of lab space as that has been essential, and allowed for us to put up “real” overhead fluorescent lamps since it is an acoustic lab environment. Unfortunately, this is a lab space with company-confidential proprietary test equipment so I cannot share any photos; but we are very happy with your product so far.”

Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Worcester, MA
MDL 4242 S

“The WhisperRoom is fantastic! The delivery went well and the room was up and running within two hours of delivery. We officially used it as we began a research project that is analyzing audio signals recorded at 192K sampling rate. We made the initial recordings in the WhisperRoom and were very happy with the result. We may, in the future, extend our facility with another WhisperRoom.”

University of South Florida – Tampa, FL
MDL 7296 S(3)

“I first want to thank you for all your help and quick response to any of my questions. We received the three WhisperRooms in good condition. The unloading and moving them was interesting, to say the least, since we don’t have a loading dock. But we did manage that without any bodily injury to the three of us (two old guys and a kid). I’m very impressed with the quality of workmanship and the ease of putting them together after we read the instructions. We didn’t start by reading the instructions first, being that we’re Engineers – who needs them. After we got over that, read the instructions, everything went together well, there were no mismatch of holes, all the parts lined up making this an easy install. This is a great product. Keep up the good work.”

University of Alberta – Alberta, Canada
MDL 4848 E (3)

“The delivery was great and so was the assembly. The rooms are working out splendidly.” – Used for Phonetics/Linguistics research.

Backun Musical – Burnaby, BC Canada
MDL 4872 S

“We are using the WhisperRoom as a final play testing room in our manufacturing facility. Because we make wind instruments it is very important to us to hear any fine sounds of the keys and any possible air leakage in addition to the tone quality of the instrument itself. We are getting the sound reduction that we expected, however we did not truly realize how loud our factory is and we are thinking that we may add the additional second wall at a future date, so we are glad that this can be added later. It was one of the deciding factors for us with this product as one doesn’t truly know how it will work until it’s installed into the environment. We are thrilled with your team, you are so organized and personable. Your product information is also easy to shop from. I especially appreciated the Product Representative tracking down a booth here locally that we could go see as that was quite helpful in the final decision. It’s hard to purchase something sight unseen. All in all we are extremely happy with our purchase.”

Peabody Energy – Wright, WY
MDL 4242 S

“I wanted to thank you for our WhisperRoom. The entire process from the ordering, to delivery, to assembly went unbelievably well. I wish more companies had their stuff together like you guys. The sales person we spoke to was wonderful, not pushy at all just helpful. The delivery process went very well. The parts arrived on time with no problems. The assembly went perfect, we expected to have to make it fit together, imagine our surprise when the room fit together like it should and all the necessary hardware was there. We were very happy with how easy the process was. The reason we purchased the room is so we could put a noisy engraver inside. The room works so well, we often don’t realize the engraver has stopped. The room really cuts the noise down significantly. Initially we didn’t think we needed a WhisperRoom, but the manager of our department insisted. We now think this to be one of the best purchases our department has made in a long while. We would be happy to recommend your product and your company to anyone. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.”

Hawg Wired Audio – Newark, CA
MDL 102102 S

Tradeshow booth for amps & speakers -“The sound room is everything we asked for plus more. We can probably hit somewhere near 135+dB of distortion-free output from our wall of amps and speakers, and still have a conversation with a group of people at the glass looking through. We never once disturbed our neighboring vendors. The amount of compliments and feedback has been amazing. Also, being the only one in our industry with such a sophisticated and well-rounded display, it really puts us over the top and stands us out from the competition. Thanks again for such an awesome product and stellar customer service.” Check out some photos (MDL 102102 S) at our Gallery.

Pacific University - Forest Grove, OR
MDL 7296 S

Thank you so much for checking in on our recent WhisperRoom purchase. The delivery went really well and the instructions were detailed and well organized. As you can see by the photos, we had a great time with the assembly. On a few occasions, I had to contact your customer service department. Each time I was met with a knowledgeable and friendly staff member. Thank you.... from all of us here in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Pacific University!" Check out some photos (MDL 7296 S) at our Gallery.

Franklin, TN
MDL 4242 SNV

"The WhisperRoom purchase is easily the best investment I have made in my voiceover business. The WhisperRoom representatives answered all my questions and made ordering simple. Delivery was on time and assembly was easy. I couldn’t be happier!"

Indiana Wesleyan University - Marion, IN
MDL 4260 SNV

"The room is working great. The WhisperRoom has allowed us to do educational, interactive projects as well as many tutorials with much higher sound quality and less takes due to office noice and/or interruptions."

Marketing Messages - Waltham, MA
MDL 4872 S

"The WhisperRoom sound reduction is good and performing as expected. Everyone appreciates the clean lines and overall fit and finish of the booth. The lighting is good and the ventilation is quiet. The assembly was easy."

Madison, CT
4260 S

"I am super pleased with my WhisperRoom! Customer Service has been superb! Delivery was simple. Assembly was straightforward. It is working out perfectly, Highly recommend."

Liberty, NY

The Sound Deflection System is a huge benefit to the sound in that booth. There is no boom and the sound is crisp because there is so little absorption.

Colby College, Waterville, ME
4872 S

"The process from ordering to shipping to assembly was flawless. We are quite happy with the end result. Students have access to it for use in any projects-podcasts, music production, etc."

Sacramento, CA
4242 S

"Working out great!"

Mars Advertising, Southfield, MI
4260 S

"The WhisperRoom is absolutely fantastic. All of our expectations were exceeded. We have a ventillation system in our office that we cannot control and even when it is roaring at its loudest, you would never even know it is on."

Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
4872 S

"The room is working out great, the sound reduction is good. Assembly was easy."

Highpoint Global, LLC, Indianapolis, IN
84126 S

"The users state that It's nice to have a specific space for audio recording. The entire process was flawless and the communication was great."

Somerset, NJ
4242 S

"All has been so well with my newest WhisperRoom. This is actually my second one!! Delivery was easy and on time which was wonderful; I was able to meet my deadline for recording of my audio books! My producers were very pleased with the sound!!"

London, UK
4242 SNV

"The WhisperRoom has made a drastic difference to my work. It reduces 90% of the background noise, sufficient for me to record uninterrupted most of the time. "

Grand Rapids, MI
4260 S

"The WhisperRoom is exactly what I expected and I love it!"

Skillsoft Corporation, Nashua, NH
8484 E

"The room is working very well, it does a great job isolating from outside ambient sounds."

Cubewiz, Richardson, TX
4872 S

"We purchased two rooms and they are working great."

Media Productions, Fargo, ND
4242 S

"It is a nice addition to our recording studio and time saver for doing vocal sessions. The assembly was simple, the easy to understand instructions made the job quick and painless. 5 out of 5 Stars for Customer Service!"

Los Angeles, CA
4242 S

"It went together easily and perfectly. The directions couldn't have been clearer. Only needing a phillips head screwdriver for everything is sheer genius."

New York, NY
127 LP S

"The booth is working great for us"

The Media Center, Pueblo, CO
6084 S

" It is fantastic and has been a life saver for our studio noise mitigation needs."

Blu Saphyre, Kennesaw, GA
4872 S
Faktor 1 Entertainment Oakland, CA
127 LP SNV

"I want you to know that every aspect of this deal went seamlessly. I couldn't have asked for better. I can't see any room for improvement."

State Employees Credit Union of North Carolina - Raleigh, NC
MDL 4242 S

"I am very excited about the purchase of the WhisperRoom! As you know, the purchase was made for recording voice files for our Interactive Voice Response System. We have made several recordings and the quality is awesome. Delivery was quick and the installation was fairly simple. Since we are a growing financial institution, we purchased the WhisperRoom for sound quality but also the ability to move the enclosure if necessary. I know that if we do have to move it will be not problem!!! I reviewed several companies before deciding on the WhisperRoom and could not have made a better choice. The quality and construction of the product is the best and the knowledgeable staff made the decision an easy one!"

Voice Talent - Winston-Salem, NC
MDL 4284 E

"The demands of being a mom were making it more difficult to travel for voice over sessions at distant studios. An audio engineer friend recommended an ISDN phone line plus a WhisperRoom sound enclosure. I called the office in Tennessee and found them to be very friendly and patient with all my questions. True to promise, components were clearly labeled, and my husband, children and I followed the assembly instructions with no problems. Now I'm much more available for voice work (in my garage) thanks to WhisperRoom."

Home Studio: Voice over - Mariposa, CA
MDL 4260 S

"I have been meaning to drop you a line since the move from LA to Mariposa, CA. Your instruction in breaking down my WhisperRoom and removing the glass window worked fantastically well. The studio room was taken down a few days of departure from LA and put into a 26' U-haul truck amongst other heavy and well packed items. Upon arriving in Mariposa the pieces of my WhisperRoom were removed carefully and reassembled in the new home we were moving into. All I can say is that the break down and reassembly went without a hitch. Your product is extremely rugged and fits like a glove. It's also been a magnificent Swiss Army Knife as a VO vocal booth!"

Arizona Public Service -Tonopah, AZ
MDL 4242 S

"I was truly amazed at how easy/self-explanatory it was to assemble. As a matter of fact, I did all of the assembly myself, except getting some assistance when placing the door on its hinges. Looks great . . . sounds great. Thanks for all your help in making this a smooth transaction."

Director, School of Film, Collins College - Tempe, AZ
MDL 4242 S

"Delivery and setup went fine, our Student Assistants were able to put them together no problem. So far it's working very well. The ability to quickly move and re-assemble in another place is great."

Current TV - Hollywood, CA
MDL 4242 S

"My name is Tom Curley. I am the Los Angeles Audio Engineer for Current TV. We have been operating in a stage in Hollywood since our launch, August 1st, 2005. Since then, our company has grown not only in size, and exposure, but in the amount of work we had to do. For a long time, we had our hosts doing VO work on our set, using the lavalieres they use on the air. This was okay, but nowhere near a real VO booth. The company's start-up status had us in a pinch. We couldn't afford to hire a contractor to build a full on VO room, and even if we did, we didn't have the space! This is where your WhisperRoom came in and saved the day. We found a very small corner of our stage where we could fit the WhisperRoom. The construction was complete in a couple of days, and that was working around us taping all day. The room sounds great, and we use it frequently. It's very convenient to take our talent from stage, and bring them around a corner and right into the booth. We have also been using it to simultaneously roll VO, and shoot talent on our stage, so our productivity has gone up as well. Thank you for making a smart and effective product! "

Roanoke Public Library - Roanoke, VA
MDL 7272 E

"Thanks so much for all of your help with this project - we have used the room and it attracts a lot of attention. We have done interviews in the booth already and the sound quality was very good. The air vent is very quiet but does a good job of circulating the air so that it doesn't feel stagnant. We use the booth to record oral histories of older residents in the community. The wide-access door and the ramp are excellent."

Florida Hospital - Experience Network - Orlando, FL
MDL 10284 S

"Our WhisperRoom is fantastic - it sounds great! WhisperRoom's customer service is excellent - it could not be any better. From the initial inquiry to delivery of the booth, working with WhisperRoom has been a pleasure. Booth assembly is very easy, and the interior is easily customizable to meet different sound needs. Overall, my experience with WhisperRoom has been excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a vocal booth!"

Voice over Artist - Sycamore, IL
MDL 4872 E

"WhisperRoom is amazing! Exactly what I needed to do my recording. Delivery was extremely fast, driver was courteous and very helpful. Parts are precision made, everything fit perfectly! Thank you SO MUCH (my family thanks you too!) because I can now produce my software training titles and my family doesn't have to "tip toe" around the house anymore. You have a great product! I can't say enough positive things about it!"

The LifeHouse Theater - Redlands, CA
MDL 4872 S

We love our WhisperRoom - it was a great investment!"

Home Studio - Auburn, Washington
MDL 4848 S

"The WhisperRoom is exactly what I had hoped it would be and the craftsmanship is terrific."

Parenty Reitmeier, Inc. - Winnipeg, MB, Canada
MDL 4848 E

"We are very happy with the WhisperRoom. It has dramatically improved the quality and efficiency of all our recording projects."

University at Buffalo, Center for the Arts - Buffalo, NY
MDL 4848 S

"You and your team are fantastic, I enjoyed the entire process. It was great to work with such knowledgeable sales people. The booth has been getting a ton of use and we couldn't be happier with our investment. Thanks so much for all your help."

Caseys Film & Video - London, UK
MDL 7296 S

"The WhisperRoom was put up very quickly as per the instructions. There is just a little bit of final wiring needed before we are up and running. On the whole, I am extremely impressed, not only with the price and delivery, but also the performance. I definitely feel I made the right decision in going with your WhisperRoom. I initially felt that it may have been a bit of a gamble with regards to shipping all the way across the Atlantic. I had a fear that the components may have arrived damaged, but nothing of the sort. Thank you for all your help and advice. I will be recommending you to anyone over here needing a sound booth."

Cintas Corporation - Gilroy, CA
MDL 4848 S

"The WhisperRoom is working well for us and has most certainly added to the clean sound we were looking for. We use the room for dubbing voice overs on our movies and we are getting the sound reduction we needed."

Colorado Springs Fire Department - Colorado Springs, CO
MDL 4284 S

"I want to thank you for all the great customer service you have provided. The WhisperRoom is now being utilized to provide quality voice over work for the many fire training videos we have to produce. It will also be utilized as a 4-person recording booth for our public education division as they record safety music for our city's children. Quiet is the operative word for WhisperRoom and it gives me the audio acoustics I am looking for to produce quality video and CD recordings. Thanks WhisperRoom for making such a quality product!"

Optic Nerve Art & Design, Inc. (Publicic) - Toronto, Ontario Canada
MDL 4242 SNV

"Just wanted to thank you very much for your amazing service. We received our room and set it up in no time. It looks and sounds fantastic!! We are extremely pleased with the product and thank you for making the entire process extremely smooth."

Compass Film Academy - Grand Rapids, MI
MDL 7296 S

"Compass Film Academy students learn all aspects of the filmmaking process and produce a number of short films during an intense 15 month program. Our WhisperRoom plays a key role in those films, as students record narration, do ADR, and create foley sounds for their projects. The modular construction of the WhisperRoom allowed us to place it in our main classroom, which also functions as a shooting stage. This placement ensures that the WhisperRoom gets plenty of hands-on use, as students learn important audio production and post-production techniques. Thanks for making such a great product!"

Madison Music & Voice Over - Sherman Oaks, CA
MDL 4260 E

"I am a voice talent and professional singer that has spent my life in recording studios of all kinds. I purchased the Enhanced WhisperRoom for my home studio and it has been amazing! A construction project was started on a bridge not 200 feet from my home office and there is constant jackhammers, drills, thumping machines and trucks, just to name a few noise making challenges, but thank goodness in my WhisperRoom I am not getting any bleed of all that noise while recording. My agent has an isolation booth for auditions at her office and it is in NO WAY as effective as mine. I have been in a lot of ISO booths and I have to say this brand is hands down the best of its kind."

RTBN Instructor, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology - Alberta, Canada
MDL4872 S (3)

"The condensed version...We LOVE it!!!! We purchased a WhisperRoom and could not believe the quality of the voice overs the first day we used it. This was a very cost effective option. It's basically a 4 x 6 foot soundproof shed. Our students also use it for broadcasting. Our campus station is radio.sait.ca and everything that is on the station our students write, voice and produce. Almost all of the voice overs on the station are done in the WhisperRoom. The reason we bought it is because we needed to improve the quality of our voice overs and it did that immediately. Extremely quiet, even with the built in ventilation fan going, and our audio projects sound SOO much better with the use of the WhisperRoom. Additionally, it has been remarkably easy to put it together, take it apart and put it back together (because of renovations and moving the WhisperRoom, we've done it three times). Also, when industry professionals come in for a tour of our new facilities, they comment on how they wish they had one of these and always ask how good they are. For a college teaching radio, for a radio station needing a voice booth, for someone wanting a home studio...it's perfect! I highly recommend it."

Voice over - Home Studio - Sycamore, IL
MDL 4872 E

"I purchased a WhisperRoom in October of last year and I am absolutely thrilled with it! I use the booth to record AutoCAD training courses for a company called Lynda.com."

Advanced Systems Technology - Pensacola, FL
MDL 4260 S

"We have been very pleased with our WhisperRooms. The quality of our audio has definitely improved and production time has decreased immensely."

Birchtree Productions - Manchester Center, VT
MDL 4872 S

"WhisperRoom is GREAT! I use it for voice over work exclusively - both my own work and other area actors. I use a reverse KVM switch to share keyboard, mouse and monitor INSIDE the WhisperRoom with the same hardware and one computer OUTSIDE the WhisperRoom! Doing just what I needed it to and blocking out all external noice! Delivery perfect and right on time! FAST! Easy Assembly with two friends."

Art Rosenbaum Voice-Overs, LLC - Robbinsville, NJ
MDL 4872 E

"Purchasing my first Sound Booth was a huge step for me as a voice-over amateur. When I finally landed my first big client and knew it was time to setup a studio, I knew I had to go with one of the best names in the business! Having a WhisperRoom and a home studio has allowed me to move my voice-over career from an amateur to a professional status. Setting up the booth was easy and the support I received from WhisperRoom was excellent. Thanks guys!"

Speed Systems - Cologne, Germany
MDL 84126 E

"The WhisperRoom is doing a great job. They are recording off-comments and voice-overs for TV documentaries. The speakers and commentators working for them were surprised at how much space they have inside the room and how great it sounds. The construction of the WhisperRoom is so great. After all I can say, that you can't find a product in Germany to compare with your WhisperRoom. I suggest WhisperRoom to any of our customers asking for a professional recording room solution."

Noodlestream - Oklahoma City, OK
MDL 4242 S

"I'm the audio/visual technician that uses the WhisperRoom. In general, the room works great! We are using the room for voice-over narration. Our company produces online environmental, health and safety training and all of our courses are narrated. The delivery and assembly went well."

ANG Creative (Air National Guard) - Essex Junction, VT
MDL 4260 S

"The WhisperRoom has been working great. We get excellent sound without any added noise."

Mailboxes, Etc. - San Diego, CA.
MDL 4242 S

"The show was fantastic. We had about 15 convention attendees step inside the WhisperRoom and participate in our story reading experience. They were so excited to take part in such a worthwhile endeavor - the Toys for Tots Literacy Program - helping promote literacy among less-fortunate children. The assembly and disassembly of the WhisperRoom was very simple and straight forward. The pieces arrived at the tradeshow in perfect condition, which was a huge relief to me. We're really looking forward to making good use of the WhisperRoom for our business."

Voice Over Artist - Lynda.com - Cedarhurst, NY
MDL 4872 S

"The WhisperRoom is working out GREAT! I'm actually in the middle of my first large project, so I'm in the room everyday. My audio engineer told me that I have excellent signal to noise ratio in my recordings. Everything is really working out great. I intend to get LOTS of use out of my WhisperRoom. :)"

Voice Over Artist - San Jose, CA
MDL 6060 S

"I've been using a WhisperRoom for the past 8 years. My studio is in the direct approach path for the San Jose Airport, I have a major railroad line several hundred yards away, and there is a busy road nearby. Despite the "planes, trains, and automobiles", I have never had a session interrupted, or a take ruined by external noise. My studio would be unusable without my WhisperRoom."

CPT, PO A PSYOP Military Installation - Afghanistan
MDL 6084 SNV

"You are single-handedly placing WhisperRoom, Inc. in my continuity book as a company with whom to do business - talk about above and beyond customer service!"

Lockheed Martin Space Systems - Littleton, CO
MDL 8484 S

"We are pleased with the audio booth. I have been trying to acquire one for years so I'm very happy to finally have been able to make the purchase. It arrived intact and our facilities crew got it put together with no problems. We have already put it to good use."

Advanced Computer Graphics - Cincinnati, OH
MDL 6060 E

"The WhisperRoom is working out great. We are using it primarily for voice over work, and are very happy with the sound reduction and quality of the sound insulation during sessions. It looks great!"

AppDev - Eden Prairie, MN
MDL 102102 S

"The WhisperRoom is working very well for us. This is our second WhisperRoom since the first has been working so well for us for many years. This WhisperRoom was purchased to provide us a recording room to produce high-quality learning videos. We are training software developers around the world on Microsoft developer tools. Our videos are delivered via DVD or streaming media. The second WhisperRoom was built to accommodate our expected growth in production this year."

US Army Airborne & Special Ops Test Directive - Ft. Bragg, NC

"Our WhisperRoom is working out fantastically. There were no problems with delivery and the assembly went very well. Our production facilities and editing suites are located just a few hundred yards from an active flightline for Pope Air Force Base. With the WhisperRoom's double insulation, we can record our narratives without worry now. Everyone has commented on how much better our narrator sounds in the room. Thanks for all your help."

Home Studio - Voice over - Sarasota, FL
MDL 4242 S

"I can truly say that the WhisperRoom is working out very well for me. It was a piece of cake setting it up. I really made a good decision investing in it and have been using it for voice over work the past two months. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again!"

Tantor Media - Voice over Artist - Portland, ME

"Love my WhisperRoom! It's awesome to have such an efficient, independently managed recording space in my home. My only complaint is that I'm now working longer hours because I CAN! The delivery went great. And the room is great! Really glad I got the ventilation and that I was able to make the investment in my business. Thank you so much for everything! You have been great!"

Art Institute of Texas - Houston, TX

"I found the booths to be very robust and professional, and as somebody who records, I would love to have one for myself. Great product, and easy assembly."

Home Studio - Voice over - Monroe, CT
MDL4872 E

"Booth is great - I've recorded three audiobooks in it thus far and the production houses that master them have said that my voice sucks - but the booth sounds great!!! Couldn't be happier with it."

College Humore New York, NY
MDL4872 S

"We LOVE the WhisperRoom! The delivery was flawless. The assembly went very smoothly. The room is working great. I've tricked it out with two microphones, wall mounted to save floor space, and I put in a 15 inch monitor so we can do live ADR. Overall the WhisperRoom has taken the quality of our sound recording to the next level."

Home Studio - Voice over - San Francisco, CA
MDL4848 S

"I love my WhisperRoom! It's as though the universe said, okay, you're willing to invest in this thing? We'll give you some work to do in it" 🙂 It's saved me a ton of time since I no longer have to wait for every single car or truck to go by - while it doesn't cut out all exterior noise, it takes a lot of it out of the equation when it comes to getting work done."

American University/WAMU - Voice over - Washington D.C.
MDL4872 E

"Our WhisperRoom has been a life-saver. We love it and it gets lots of use."

Associate Director, Media Center County College of Morris - Randolph, NJ
MDL 4848 E

"The WhisperRoom has been a great addition to the Media Production Center at County College of Morris. It was so compact and easy to build that we set it up in the corner of our Control Room so voice overs can be conveniently performed and easily recorded right to our file server."

V.P. Operations Arc Productions (Animation & Visual Effects) - Voice over - Toronto, Ontario Canada
MDL 4848 S

"For Arc Productions the WhisperRoom was the perfect solution. It has given us the ability to do high quality voice recordings right in our Avid suite without the need to take up a large amount of floor space. This is a great product that delivers."

Interstate Batteries - Voice over - Dallas, TX
MDL 4848 S

"The sound booth (Audio Isolation Enclosure), we love that high-tech name, is working Great! The freight company did a great job and was very helpful. Assembly was a team building experience with four of us taking it on. It wasn't hard. . . it's just nice to have extra hands to hold panels in place while someone else secures them while someone is checking directions. It went up really fast, good directions and we used it later that afternoon. The booth (enclosure) is in the corner of our studio up against our chroma key wall . . . out of the way but convenient to use any time we need to. This is something we have talked about purchasing for years and now that we have used it numerous times we should have gotten it years ago. Our VO quality has improved 100%. What a difference. . . and everyone has noticed. Thanks for your help and getting the booth to us so fast . . . awesome job!"

Mountain Goat Software - Voice over (E-Learning) - Lafayette, CO
MDL 4872 S

"Thank you so much for my new WhisperRoom. I appreciate your patience in helping me decide what to order. I especially appreciate that you helped me make the right decisions rather than talking me into more expensive options when they weren't needed for my situation. Installation went smoothly. Most importantly, the sound I'm getting from recordings done in the WhisperRoom are excellent. The room we installed it in shares a wall with a loud insurance salesman and the WhisperRoom completely eliminates his loud phone calls. It similarly eliminates background noise from the air conditioner. I couldn't be happier with my new recording environment and the WhisperRoom is central to that. Thanks again."

Home Studio - Voice over - Montreal, Canada
MDL 4242 S

"Everything arrived in perfect condition. I am completely satisfied. It is really well built and very easy to assemble. I am absolutely happy with my choice! I bought it to make voice over and it will become much easier to make quality recordings at home. Thank you again!"

Broadcast Engineer, San Diego County Communications Office - San Diego, CA
MDL 4872 S

"The room is a nice space for voice work which we have had a need for some time, so thanks in helping with that."

Home Voice over Studio - La Mirada, CA
MDL 4872 S with IEP Floor, & VSS

"In one short sentence. . . I love my WhisperRoom! I am recording audio books and the quality of the recording is so much better since I invested in a WhisperRoom. Best investment I have made in a long time."

Tantor Media Narrator - Tarzana, CA
MDL 4260 S, CP, IEP Floor, VSS & 26" x 36" Wall Window

"Love the booth, it is awesome."

Home Studio - Voice over - Woodside, NY
MDL 4230 S

"My experience has been nothing short of fantastic! Delivery was exceptional. Assembly went as well as expected, setup time (myself and another person) got everything done within 45 minutes to an hour. As you know, as a voice over actor handling both long and short form work, this booth needed to provide almost pristine sound/audio conditions that my clients have come to know and love. The booth has allowed me to expand my working timeline, as before I had to work wthin certain "windows of time" because of external noise. That no longer exists, and I'm all the more grateful for it. Also, my sound quality has increased 10-fold. I have been able to scuttle my sheet stand, in favor of mounting a Tablet with Velcro backing to read my scripts, in addition to mounting my ProToolsTransport controls and Headphone Amps controls to the walls, saving me valuable time and space. Thanks again for all your help."

Emmy Award-winning Producer CEO, Push Creative Advertising - New York, NY
MDL 4872 S

"The choice was simple. We could spend thirty thousand dollars and three weeks of construction downtime in a dust-filled, unusable studio with smarmy contractors, or I could hire one person to help me assemble a 4' x 6' WhisperRoom in 3-4 hours - dust free. Making the smart choice here changed everything for Joan and me and building the booth was more fun than playing with LEGO toys."

Voice Actor and Author of Secrets of Voice-over Success New York, NY
MDL 4872 S

"Until we installed the WhisperRoom, a fair amount of time and money was expended traveling to, and recording in, recording studios throughout the city. Now, I'm supremely confident with a WhisperRoom that delivers a pure, unfiltered sound quality that's appreciated by the top audio engineers anywhere in the world."

Green Country Technology Center - Okmulgee, OK
MDL 7272 S with Caster Plate & 26" x 36" Wall Window

"We LOVE our WhisperRoom. I teach Multimedia to high school students at a technology center. We learn photography, video production and graphic design. I just recently introduced audio to this program so the WhisperRoom has solved a lot of problems we had before with sound. We use the WhisperRoom to do ADR work and voice overs for our videos. Coming up the last quarter of the school year is the capstone project which is creating a music video. Our students are so excited about recording their vocals and guitar tracks in the WhisperRoom. In past years we recorded in various locations - classrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, garages, etc. Audio was always horrible. I know the quality of our videos will be exceptionally better this year because of the WhisperRoom. My students LOVE the room. We have to schedule it because everyone wants in there. I think it will be an additional draw to my program during recruitment of new students."

Steve Summers Voice Overs - Frisco, TX
MDL 4872 S with VSS

"All went great! Delivery was perfect and assembly was done by three of us in one evening. As an independent voice over & audio producer, the WhisperRoom is exactly what was needed for my location upstairs. Thanks to you guys, because of this addition and a couple of small upgrades, my business has literally picked up due to the improved acoustics of the addition of the WhisperRoom. This has taken my business to a renewed level."

Perma Seal Basement Systems - Downers Grove, IL
MDL 4848 S with 26" x 36" Wall Window

"Every aspect of this product has been more than exceptional so far. The delivery and assembly were a piece of cake, and we could not be happier with this WhisperRoom. We use the room to record radio spots every month, so no longer do our owners have to set aside a whole day to drive to one of the stations in Chicago to use their facilities. So needless to say, they are more than thrilled with the ability to walk across the parking lot and record whenever necessary. And the quality of the spots are great. I have no complaints whatsoever. I would most certainly recommend this product to anyone that was in need. Thanks again, I appreciate all of your help with this purchase."

Australian Caption Centre - Haymarket, NSW, Australia
MDL 4272E

"So far, I'm impressed with the booth and so are my sound and acoustic engineers. They haven't really seen anything as good as this that was portable as well. I would recommend it to others in a heart beat. I have to say as well, I found it reassuring and helpful that you keep in constant contact with me through the whole process and after via e-mail and phone. You've answered all of my questions very quickly and didn't get annoyed when I kept e-mailing you with question after question. One thing I admire most in companies is the level of service and you don't find it this good in many companies. So I appreciate all your help and when we move to expand our audio facility, I will definitely be speaking to you guys again!"

Insurmountable Sounds - Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
MDL 4242 E with 26" x 36" Wall Window

"Our WhisperRoom is working out great! It fits perfectly in our studio and provides the isolation we need to produce clear recordings. We are very pleased. So far we are using our WhisperRoom for ADR, narration, vocals and foley. The sound reduction is awesome. A necessity for our particular studio space. The delivery process was a breeze. The broker you recommended was great (we now use them for everything we purchase from the U.S.A.). Everything arrived on time, and nothing was damaged. We were given all the necessary information to make the shipping process flow smoothly. We are still in the midst of building our studio space. The WhisperRoom, though the largest and most cumbersome object we purchased, was the easiest one to deal with because nothing was left to uncertainty. We knew exactly what to expect. Our experience was great. Keep up the fine work!" Check out some photos (MDL 4242 E) at our Gallery.

Voice Over Artist - Laguna Beach, CA
MDL 4260 E

"As a voice over actor, the WhisperRoom has been fantastic. It's solved many problems and the fact that I can disassemble the booth and move it to our next house is very attractive and cost effective. In my old home recording studio, I spent way more money for permanent soundproofing that was woefully inadequate. I could hear every car drive by and couldn't record without interruption from airplane noise outside or conversations elsewhere in the house. Now, I hear none of that through the WhisperRoom walls and am delighted that I can keep working and not disturb my family if I have to record a loud voice over late at night as well. Assembly of the WhisperRoom was actually fun and easy, and even though it took 8 to 12 hours, it was weeks and weeks faster than building something that would be inferior. My WhisperRoom arrived rather quickly too, and the whole process was a snap and tax-deductible money well spent. Now I will have a consistent sound wherever I live and assured soundproofing no matter what. I no longer have to yell at the kids, "Daddy's recording, can you be quiet please?" They could be banging pots & pans in the kitchen and I no longer hear it and can record clean audio tracks any time. The WhisperRoom also makes a great man cave, and when I pass away, I can be buried in it, as all voice actors should be. Thank you WhisperRoom!"

Ketchum Labs - Los Angeles, CA
MDL 6084 E

"It's working great. It completely cuts down the outside noise."

Voice Over Artist - Los Angeles, CA
MDL 4848 S

"Overall, the room is working out very well. I'm using it for audiobook recording. I'm glad I got this booth when I did, because I've literally been in it non-stop with projects back-to-back since it arrived in mid-August, with no let up in sight (6 books in a row from major publishers, and counting!) It reduces the outside noise very nicely. There was a lot of bouncing soundwaves when I first started, but once I got some additional Auralex foam for the walls and ceiling, it's gone away."

"I'm very pleased with the WhisperRoom. I was concerned that the standard booth might not be quiet enough, but it's been fine for my needs within the living space my wife and I currently have. I am using the WhisperRoom almost exclusively for voice over recording, although at some point I will also do guitar/banjo and vocal recording as well. Overall, I'm very pleased. I think the WhisperRoom is a great product, and a huge help to someone like myself who needs it to do professional recording work in an apartment setting."

Voice Over Artist - Calabasas, CA
MDL 6084 E

"I LOVE MY WHISPERROOM!!! It's perfect. Just the right size, and all the right...right! Studios across America say I'm sounding fuller & fatter...on-mike that is. The room just adds the right amount of 'mmmmmmmmmm' that cuts through every session. I'm declaring: WhisperRoom is the shiznit! And you are the goods!"

United States Air Force - Lackland AFB, TX
MDL 4848 S

"We have had a couple of opportunities to use it already and it works great. Our clients are impressed at the professional appearance and outcome to the audio. It is a great addition to our Multimedia and Studio production branch."

Pepsi Beverages (PEPSICO) - Winston Salem, NC
MDL 4872 E

"The WhisperRoom is working very well for what projects that we have been able to use it. We are using it for voice over for training materials. Assembly was seamless with no issues."

Smiths Medical - Keene, NH
MDL 4872 S

"This is my second WhisperRoom. It is working out better than expected. The additional two feet made a BIG difference. We can invite people over now. It is in a temporary location currently awaiting studio construction where it will be permanently placed. The design seems a lot tighter than the old design with the straps. We are using it for voice over narrations for distance learning courses. We're getting the sound reduction we expected. The temporary environment is challenging. Could not do it without the WhisperRoom. Assembly was a blast! Just keep doing what you're doing! That is why I came back 8 years later."

Home Studio - Santa Monica, CA
MDL 4260 SNV

"The white glove delivery was flawless for the WhisperRoom. We put it together in approximately four hours - directions were easy to read. Installation was perfect. We love it. Thanks for all of your help - you made the whole process seamless."

GMR Marketing, LLC - New Berlin, WI

"Only audio problem is now I can hear the nuance issues with the mics/rec. setup that we could never hear above old background noise (I consider that a positive!). Mix quality has improved, audio editing speed improved since it's much easier to isolate signal from noise/see breaths and mouth noise, etc.... Able to capture a wider performance range because talent is not fighting background noise. We're using our WhisperRoom mostly for VO recordings to use as audio bed in B2B videos, phone message system recordings, potential for future ADR work or instrumental recording. We are getting the sound isolation we expected... night and day difference with isolating background noises around the sometimes loud office."

Home Studio - Mahopac, NY
MDL 4848 S

"The WhisperRoom is working out great for me. It is the perfect solution to the problem I was having, which is noise from my upstairs and downstairs neighbors in addition to vehicle traffic noise from outside. I am using the WhisperRoom for voice over recording and the sound reduction I am getting is as expected. In the past I would have to record my sessions around the ambient noise. Now, I just get in the booth and record whenever I want."

Terrestrial Media, LLC - Muskegon, MI
MDL 4872 S

"The WhisperRoom is working out PERFECTLY. I couldn't be happier. I'm using it for Audiobooks, radio spots and multimedia voice over. We've done our own measurements regarding the sound isolation - spot on to what is advertised. The assembly was easy as pie. My crew had each booth up in under half a day, with lots of breaks."

Minnesota Power (ALLETE) - Duluth, MN
MDL 6060 S

"The WhisperRoom works great. We've accomplished what we wanted and that is recording area with no interference. We're finalizing our first product, produced with the aid of the WhisperRoom and I'm amazed at how good the quality is. Although we've purchased the extra audio I/O panel, we've decided to go with an all wireless system without direct line of sight to any of the equipment in the WhisperRoom."